Why Foreplay Is The Key To Great Sex

Why Foreplay Is The Key To Great Sex

For any kind of event, big or small, it’s fair to say that an immense amount of planning is involved. Picture a wedding, a birthday party, or a trip abroad, for example. One cannot simply show up on the day and expect the big event to be a smashing success. And the same goes for sex!

Why Foreplay Is the Key to Great Sex

When couples engage in foreplay, they increasing their blood circulation, raise their core body temperature, and prepare their bodies for a very passionate workout…all the while having tons of fun! But foreplay is not just a means to prepare physically for sex! Mentally, it is just as important for an extraordinary main event that, you’ll surely agree, was well worth the wait.

Here, we discuss everything you need to know about the importance of warming up before the big game, so to speak.

Foreplay is a huge part of sex as it allows one to feel relaxed and comfortable. This is because the actions associated with foreplay (soft touching, tickling, soft kisses etc.) is a sign of safety, warmness and comfort given to us by another. It creates a connection between two people that paves the way for better trust, love, and content. It’s also a time where partners can get to know each other, slowly and intimately, while sexual tension and energy as well as excitement starts to build up. This is something that, especially women, want to feel before sex.

Physiologically, foreplay prepares the body for sex by speeding up one’s heartbeat, getting the blood and juices flowing in all the right places, and releasing oxytocin, the hormone that reduces one’s level of stress. Without foreplay, a partner goes into the act of sex without being sufficiently aroused and perhaps anxious which, in turn, leads to more disappointing sex!

It has also been found that women tend to benefit greatly from foreplay, as it is commonly known that the fairer sex takes longer to reach climax than that of their male counterpart. Engaging in foreplay is a way to arouse the senses, find momentum, and to get “in the mood.”

Biologically, women benefit from foreplay as it increases the blood flow to their clitoris causing it to become erect and more sensitive to the touch. Women also begin to produce lubrication, which is key to achieving an orgasm.

Another reason why foreplay is the key to great sex is the fact that it can go on for hours and hours. And while sex may seem like the “end goal”, this couldn’t actually be further from the truth. In fact, sex can be over fairly quickly and then…it’s done! Foreplay on the other hand, can be extremely versatile and has no end. In short, the pleasure can continue for both partners for as long as you like without aiming for penetrative sex to mark the end of play time.

Using sex toys during foreplay is also a great act of pleasure for women (and men) for a number of reasons. For men who are more on the smaller side, a dildo or a vibrator can assist their partner in reaching the exact right spot resulting in orgasm, and or intense satisfaction that prepares her for penetrative sex with her partner. It’s also a way for men to feel less pressure in the bedroom, knowing that his partner has the ability to have an orgasm or even multiple orgasms during foreplay, as many women find it difficult to climax during penetrative sex.

Alternatively, men may also consider using these toys for their pleasure. In fact, pegging is rising trend and a form of foreplay that a woman can gain immense pleasure from, as it involves power play and reversed gender roles.

And lastly, sex toys can do things that men just can’t! There are a range of sex toys for women that provide clitoral stimulation without actual contact. Because of this your body never quite gets used to the sensation, making it a very nifty toy that can keep her coming! Additionally, as hard as a man may try, they are absolutely incapable of providing the sensation that a vibrator does. So, instead of having vibrator-envy, the act of a man and a woman using these toys together is very sexy and a big turn on.

Then, for women, foreplay is considered not only pleasurable but also important in order to enjoy the act of sex. When a woman lacks lubrication she experiences painful sex that is, in no way, delightful. In fact, it may even cause bleeding – which is no fun for a woman nor a man. After all, for great sex to take place, two people simply must be in sync with each other. Don’t you agree?

And for men and women who aren’t big fans of the soft foreplay approach, playing with new and interesting props in the bedroom is yet another way to heighten your sexual energy. If you’re BDSM inclined, the act of power play using restraints is a big turn on for both the dominant and submissive. Light or hard spanking, or even using a blindfold is a very intriguing way to turn up the heat!

With that, here are some little tips and tricks that you can incorporate with your partner to make foreplay an absolute thrill and something to look forward to.

While most partners and kissing-enthusiasts love to go for the lips, it is actually the area around the lips that contain several blood vessels. This makes it more sensitive to the touch, and gives one an almost ticklish sensation.
The ears, neck and shoulders is the perfect spot to start your foreplay adventure, as these areas are highly sensitive and stimulate positive sexual responses from both men and women.

The inner thighs are arguably the most sensitive part of the body when it comes to sex, besides the genitals. This area is overflowing with nerves, and due to the fact that the inner thighs are just a small trail away from one’s private parts, makes it an even bigger turn on.

Dirty talk is an oldie but a goodie! They say that the brain is the most powerful sexual organ and dirty talk is a sure-fire way to excite the mind. In fact, when one talks dirty, all regions of the brain are stimulated and we experience the same kind of pleasure as when we use curse words.

So, for those arguing the validity of foreplay to enhance sex… it appears that you may have been misinformed and that engaging in foreplay is an absolute necessity to having mind-blowing sex with your partner.

Now, who’s ready for play time?

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