Why Do People Love Realistic Dildos?

The Realistic UR3 8 Inch Cock

Dildos are one of the oldest and most recognised sex toys available on the market, and they now come in a variety of colours, sizes, designs, and textures to suit every need. One of the best-selling types of dildos is realistic dildos! But why are they so popular?! And why do people love them so much?!

Why would I want a realistic dildo?

There are many reasons that someone might want to purchase a realistic dildo. Perhaps you’re lacking a little bit of love? Or maybe you prefer the sensation of something with a little more texture to it. Realistic dildos can provide amazing sensations, as they mimic the feeling of penetrative sex as closely as possible. Some people prefer realistic sensations as opposed to smooth silicone dildos.

Also, some people definitely prefer the look as well! If bright pink and neon orange dildos aren’t your thing, then perhaps a realistic dildo might be more up your alley.

Why are realistic dildos so good?

Realistic dildos not only resemble the real deal, but they are great for a range of other reasons. They come in a variety of sizes, meaning you can find the perfect length and girth for your needs.

There are also a range of realistic dildos for more specific desires and sensations. Fancy a squirting dildo to really enhance your pleasure? Or maybe a double ended dildo for some extra fun? No matter your preference, realistic dildos come in dozens of styles to suit everyone.

What are the best realistic dildos?

Au Naturel Macho Latin Realistic Dildo

Au Naturel Macho Latin Realistic Dildo




Loverboy The Pizza Boy Realistic Dildo


Loverboy The Pizza Boy Realistic Dildo

Loverboy The Goalie Vibrating


Loverboy The Goalie Vibrating 8" Realistic Dildo - Vanilla

Basix Rubber Works Dong With Suction Cup

Basix Rubber Works 7.5 Inch Dong With Suction Cup 6


The best realistic dildos will depend on your personal preference! However, it’s always best to ensure the dildo that you do choose has body-safe, hypoallergenic material to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience at all times.

It’s important to understand what you want in a dildo before purchasing one – think about the size, width, and girth, colour, style, and any additional benefits that might take your fancy. Then it’s just a matter of finding one that fits the bill!

Top tips for dildo use

Using a dildo might feel a bit awkward if it’s your first time, but that’s totally okay! It’s a good idea to work up to things slowly and ease into the experience, ensuring that you are comfortable and enjoying yourself at all times. If anything feels painful or uncomfortable, then it’s best to stop and try again later.

To really enhance your experience, it’s also a good idea to use plenty of lubricant with your new dildo! This will help everything glide in smoothly, and make things feel even better.


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