Glass Sex Toys

We get it. When you think about glass, you think about it’s potential to break, and your brain associates the fragility of glass with the fragility of where you will be placing it. But think about how many glass items you own that survive years of use. The Pyrex baking tray you’ve baked countless lasagnes in, and chiselled the good, burnt cheesey bits out with a knife to snack on afterwards (we’ve all been there).

See, like many things in life, not all glass is equal. There are different types of glass, and also different techniques of working with glass to achieve varying levels of strength and durability.

With sex toys, some manufacturers will use soda lime glass, others will use borosilicate glass. Soda lime glass is what most glass is comprised of. Borosilicate glass was designed to better withstand harsh mechanical, chemical and thermal conditions. Sex toys that are mass-manufactured tend to be made from borosilicate glass whereas artisan toys are often made from soda lime.

Neither one is better than the other, and there are plenty of other factors at play. Design, manufacturing method and use all come into it. That being said we have a whole bunch of glass dildos for your pleasure.

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