What Men Want In Bed

What Men Want In Bed

Once in a while it is okay if you do things that make your man happy. Most men are often pretty predictable in bed and thus they don’t really need to ask for anything.  However, in case you were wondering as to what does a man actually need and want in bed, then this is the right place to know.  We have listed down seven things that we think men need in bed and these things will turn him on!

1. They love it when women take control in bed

Yes, a man does love to take control in bed but ever thought what will happen if you take the lead? Whatever happens, it will only make your man a lot happier and turned on.  There is nothing hotter than a woman who dominates the bed and initiates every sex move.  It doesn’t mean you go all wild and kinky on him with whips and leather belts.  All you need to do is push him hard on the bed and pin his arms while you are on the top.  This is enough for a man to lose control.  This can be made steamier by just some dirty talks.

2. They go absolutely nuts when you surprise them in bed

Don’t be too predictable when it comes to sex.  Men love surprise just as much as you do, when it comes to sex.  Like surprise him with an early morning blow job or unexpectedly pin him or better yet cuff him to the bed frame and start making out. These are the kind of surprises that we are talking about. Also you can bring in new sex positions and do stuff that he thought you dislike.  You can also go the extra mile and buy some really sexy lingerie and treat him to a surprise sexy dance in those. Surprise him often and just see how he starts craving for you more than ever.

3. Men do love foreplay

Forget everything you have ever heard or read online about men not liking foreplay.  Not every man directly wants to jump at penetration.  There are several men who love foreplay and they want it just as much as women do.  Men love the slow and sexy build up and thus if you have lived under this misconception, it is time to change. Give him enough foreplay the next time.

And the last yet one of the most important thing that a man wants in bed is to constantly hear his name. Nothing is sexier for a man than to see his love take his name while moaning!

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