What Are Sex Swings And Position Enhancers?

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Whilst sex toys are usually the first thought when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom, certain new kinds of adult pleasure products are gaining popularity. If you have been dreaming up new ways to elevate your bedroom antics or lift yourself up and out of the same old sex routine you and your partner have fallen into, then look no further than the sex swing. While it has always been a popular option among couples who are into BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, and submission) roleplay, it can also be a fantastic choice for couples who just want a little more variance in their range of motion and available sex positions. For those who are wary about strapping into something new, don’t be too alarmed, as the sex swing comes in different types, different position enhancers, and is quite flexible in how it can be used. This means that if you want, you can just enjoy the regular sex positions you love, while adding in a little more swing and style.

What Are Sex Swings & Are There Different Types?

As the name suggests, a sex swing is an apparatus that allows you to sway back and forth during sexual activities. It will make you feel weightless in the air or allow you to shift yourself into new positions that are not available on a traditional bed. They are designed with multiple straps, cuffs, and padded limb supports to make the swing comfortable, flexible, and durable. Depending on what type of sex swing you purchase, the tough nylon straps will either join at an anchor point at the top which will attach to a hook or stand, or the swing will be able to hang over the back of a door.   While certain sex swings will need to be mounted to a ceiling, there are options for door placement and portable stands (if you have the space for them).

1) If you do not have the time to commit to setting up a permanent spot for your sex swing, then definitely consider getting an over-the-door option like the Door Swing. These types of sex swings are versatile, fast to set up, and requires no permanent installation. They simply hang over your door, which is fantastic for couples who live in a rental unit or apartment.  The limitations of this type of swing is that you can’t lean back in it and you can’t spin it. If you don’t have heavy-duty doors (they are hollow or are particle board), you may want to avoid this type of swing so that you don’t end up damaging the door accidentally.

2) If you have your own place and can set up a permanent installation for your sex swing, look into getting a ceiling-mounted one.  These require a little more time commitment to install them but they also provide the most freedom and flexibility. Most sets these days come with a discreet eyelet bolt that you will have to install into a ceiling beam. Setting up and then packing away the swing once you have installed that initial bolt is usually quite easy from there. One such example is the Fetish Fantasy Bondage Sex Swing. You will be able to sway in them, spin them, have both partners on them (if weight permits), and if installed in a large room, you’ll have tons of versatility and range of motion.

3) If you are looking to have fun right out of the box, a portable swing stand is perfect for those who don’t want to fiddle with additional hardware or install a sex swing right into their ceiling. You simply hang your sex swing on the stand and when done, fold the stand up and store.

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Understanding The Difference Between Low & High End Swings

When researching various sex swings, you may come across the term “low end” or “high end” which refers to the amount of support the swing gives, the materials it uses, and where the anchor point is located.

1) Body Support:  in most cases, a high end sex swing is going to fully support the back, making the swing more comfortable to use over long play sessions. A low end sex swing may only have a singular strap that helps keep your back supported. A singular strap that wraps around you can keep you suspended and is pretty darn comfortable but it isn’t great for an all-night session.

2) Materials: in lower end sex swings you are going to see nylon straps and vinyl, whereas, in high end sex swings, you are going to see natural leather. Regardless of which material you prefer, all of it is durable, flexible, and hardy – you don’t have to worry about it breaking on you.

3) Anchor Point: in lower end sex swings, the anchor point is usually a strong door that requires minimal setup and very little takedown time. A higher end sex swing may need to be suspended form the ceiling and may include a double hook or industrial suspension system.  For reference, a single hook will allow you to spin and a double hook will give you back and forth movement.

Tips on How to Set Your Swing Up Correctly

Setting up an entire swing may sound like it’s going to be an exhausting endeavour, but if you take your time with it, it’s actually quite easy.

1) Decide where you are going to place your sex swing. If you are getting a ceiling-mounted swing, make sure to set it up in a space that is open, so that you can enjoy the full range of motion it provides. If getting an over-the-door sex swing, make sure you choose a door that is made out of solid construction and has open space on either side of the frame.

2) Hanging it up.  If putting your swing in a door frame is preferred, make sure to find the center of the doorway frame (at the top) and mark it.  You will need to insert an eyelet screw into the center of the doorway frame. Once it is installed, leave the screw in place.  This is where the anchor point will be for your sex swing. If you are using a ceiling-mounted sex swing, locate a strong ceiling beam and insert the eyelet bolt into it.

3) Read the instructions. It is extremely important that regardless of whether you have a mounted sex swing, a sex swing stand, or a portable one, that you read the instructions to get an idea on where the clasps and attachments need to go. Placing these in the wrong place can cause discomfort and may compromise how well the swing works. Beyond this, look at the weight restrictions. The worst thing is to get excited about using the swing, hopping on with both partners, and breaking the anchor point.

What Are Position Enhancers & What Can They Be Used For?

If strapping into a swing is a little too much for you at first and you want to warm up to the idea, you can always start with a sex position enhancer.  Sometimes referred to as “sex furniture” these allow you to achieve the position you want without having to cuff into nylon straps or dangle from the ceiling.  There is a wide variety available, ranging anywhere from chairs and pillows to restraint kits, mounts, wedges, sex machines, and locking suction handles and foot rests. Let’s explore a few of these options in a little more detail.

Once you have your sex swing all set up or have had fun with the position enhancers and want to try something new, consider exploring new sex positions while you are elevated in the air.  A sex swing can really open up your favourite sex positions, bring on a more intense orgasm, and take your sex routine to new heights.

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