Waking Up To Morning Sex

Wake Up To Morning Sex

Warm rays of sun stream through the window. A beautiful haze fills the air as you open your eyes. Slowly the room comes into focus and you blink a couple times recalling the amazing events of last night. You turn your head to see the glowing face of your partner. A smile creeps across your face as your hand moves to them under the covers…

Morning sex is one of the biggest fantasies people talk about. There is something about being woken up with sex or waking your partner up that greatly appeals to folks. It is often portrayed as one of the most romantic acts in the world.

But is morning sex all that it is cracked up to be? Is morning sex something worthy of all the attention it gets?


Is morning sex for everyone?

Well, yes and no. There are probably as many people who love it as who just want nothing to do with it. The thing is, some of us are morning people and some of us really aren’t morning people. And it isn’t that the non-morning folks don’t like sex in the morning, rather, they are more likely to notice some of the challenges that come along with morning sex.

One of the biggest things is that morning sex probably can’t be as spontaneous as we hope. The ideal is being able to turn over, look at each other and then get the sexy times start right away. This sounds great, but what is the first thing most people do when they wake up? I don’t know about you, but I have to hit the bathroom for an extremely satisfying morning pee before I get involved with any sexy shenanigans. This is particularly true as we get older. It can be really hard to feel sexy if you’re worried about having a full bladder. Now, if you are into watersports, it might be perfect, but that isn’t for everybody.


Morning breath and more

Another big reason why some people don’t like to jump right into morning sex is that they don’t always feel that fresh in the morning. This can manifest in a few different ways. The most challenging for some people can be morning breath—and not necessarily their own. Would you want to have a sexy, passionate kiss with someone who’s mouth smelled and tasted nasty? It isn’t an appealing prospect. Our bodies do lots of different things when we sleep that can leave our bodies a little gross. Some people sweat a lot, particularly about the head. It isn’t nice to think about, but hey, it is no secret we fart in bed. The list goes on.

Now, this isn’t to say that these things have to be deal breakers. Hell, some people won’t care at all. However, the best way to work through this is to talk to each other. First, you need to actually see if both of you are interested in morning sex. Then, you need to talk about these issues and consider what is acceptable to both of you. This might take some of the spontaneity out of the situation, but it will prevent potential embarrassment.

So, do you think you’ll want to wake up to sexytimes…or just catch some extra zzz’s?

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