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Are you new to sex toys? Wondering how to get started? Vibrating sex toys are extremely popular, and the good news is that if you’re actively looking to start or build on your own sex toy collection, you’ll likely recognise a few types already. Traditional rabbit vibrators, for a start. Classic cylindrical vibrators with a twist base. Maybe you’ve heard about sports massagers becoming better-known for their orgasmic benefits . Today I want to introduce you to some fantastic options when it comes to vibrators for newbies.

Solo Stimulation

Perhaps you’d like to spice up your masturbation sessions. Vibrators can add a unique and delicious tingle to sensual solo playtimes, in a way you might not have experienced before.

Before diving head-first into the cyber vibe aisles, it’s helpful to think about where exactly you usually like to be stimulated, so that you can choose the right style of vibrator for you.


Finger and bullet vibrators are small, easily positioned for precision stimulation and usually discreet and quiet during use. They’re a brilliant option when looking for vibrators for newbies.


For those who love vaginal stimulation, there’s a diverse range of vibrators for you. As well as the classic twist-base cylindrical options, you might like to try a style specially angled to stimulate your G-spot.

Dual Stim

Dual Stim vibrators have internal and external ‘arms’ which are specially shaped to deliver vibrating pleasure to the vagina and clitoris at the same time. The best-known type of dual stim vibe is a rabbit vibrator.

I thought I hated rabbit vibrators for years just because I’d had the bad luck to start my bunny love journey with styles that were completely wrong for my body. Even now I often prefer to use a vaginal vibrator or dildo with a separate clitoral vibrator like a bullet, so I can be in full control of exactly where and how I’m stimulated.


Don’t overlook nipples as a highly sensitive area of the body receptive to erotic stimulation. Nipple stimulation doesn’t have to be extreme (like clamps/clips), or even vibrating – feather ticklers are delightful. But for vibrations specifically designed to ‘perk’ you up, perhaps try some gently vibrating Nipple Suckers or Nipple Lassos.


The anal area is often regarded as a forbidden zone when it comes to exploring this territory for sexual pleasure. However, anal play isn’t forbidden at all! Simply make sure you use anal-safe sex toys (they need to have a flared base and be specially designed for anal use), use lubricant to aid glide and stay hygienic by using the toys just for the anal territory then cleaning thoroughly between playtimes.

Top tip: Things in your bottom feel larger than they looked in your hand, so pay close attention to the size of the anal sex toy you’re about to splash your cash on.

Secret Vibes

Daring types will enjoy the kinky factor of enjoying thrilling vibrating sensation in a tantalisingly secret and discreet way. There’s something deliciously naughty and intensely erotic about being intimately stimulated while going about your everyday business –whether you wear a vibrator beneath your clothes just round the house, or are brave enough to head outdoors…


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