Using Your Phone During Oral Sex? Arousing Or Bone Killer?

Using Your Phone During Oral Sex? Arousing Or Bone Killer?

With new technology comes new ways in which to get your rocks off. There’s a plethora of free Internet porn, apps to enhance one’s sexual pleasure, more advanced sex toys, and the swapping of dirty pics.

But had you ever considered your phone to be a completely ordinary device to use whilst getting action?

We’re talking: sending texts to friends, online shopping, trying to pass that impossible level on Candy Crush, or even browsing through your recent pictures. This type of fetish is actually a thing, and there are folk out there that are really aroused by it.

For some, it ties into the whole psychological submissive or slave aspect of BDSM in that one is being pleasured and worshipped whilst doing something completely out of the ordinary.

It’s the idea that one does not portray any signs of sexual satisfaction whatsoever whilst another tries their best to please them, craving approval.

It’s also perhaps a way in which to push the norm by doing something ‘normal’ (like using your phone) whilst engaging in something private and intimate. It’s rebellious, in a way, to appear as though not an ounce of arousal is felt, despite being pleasured.

Makes sense, oddly enough, doesn’t it?

With that, we took to Reddit to find some of the reasons why both men and women enjoy receiving oral sex while using their phone…

“I’ve gone down on a girl while she shopped online on her phone. Occasionally she’d stop looking at her phone, move it aside and look down at me and run her hand through my hair… so hot.” – blindkaratemaster (To which one replied “Hottest thing I have ever heard”, FYI.)

“We’re literally doing this right now. He laughed when he saw this post. ?” – danskteabag

“As a guy, I have the same fantasy. Being sucked while I’m on the phone or reading a book.” – cyclingbroccolii

“I’ve never done it but honestly it sounds hot” – toxicwaste789

“I’ve done it to my fiancé while he was on Discord.” – PseudoUnicorn

“It’s kind of hard to answer and type when you’re feeling pleasure so it just all adds to it.” – honeysweetbitch

“Sounds delicious.” – lens4040

On a more ‘mainstream’ note, we’ve surely all heard about, seen videos of, or even participated in sexy time whilst talking on the phone. And if you’re all about that life, here’s a story that may just get you feeling a lil’ hot:

“One time I was messing with a coworker, her best friend called while I was fucking her in the bathroom, I told her to answer, and right before she said hello, I slammed her harder to make her scream and gush. Her best friend stayed on the line listening to her cum and moan, just turned me on even more.” – PhotoDom50

Once again, thanks to Reddit for the amazing lesson in sexuality and endless entertainment. Moving swiftly along…


If the whole talking on the phone or ‘texting while getting down’ thing doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are other ways you can use your phone to your advantage during playtime.


Don’t feel like doing all the heavy lifting? Or maybe you’re interested in your partner taking the reins? There are a number of sex toys that can be controlled via an app.

The WeVibe Jive Wearable Vibrator, for one, is a sleek number for her that’s inserted and worn under her clothing. The vibration patterns and levels of intensity are then controlled via the We-Connect app.

For him, the Arcwave masturbator which is the world’s first Pleasure Air stroker. Experience a new type of orgasm as unique pulsating airwaves stimulate sensitive pleasure receptors.

Get your sexting on by exchanging a few naughty messages (or pics) to your partner about your fantasies, the things you like, and the things you want to do. It’s more old-school to do it while actually talking on the phone, but is still an absolute goodie. Try a video call with mutual masturbation for extra stimulation.


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