Top 6 Sex Furniture To Get In 2020

liberator 24 inch ramp sexy pillow

1.Fantasy Swing

fantasy swing black 1With the incredible Fantasy Swing you’ll be swinging your sex life back into action in no time at all! Installation is quick and easy and requires only a few common tools. The eyelet bolt of the Fantasy Swing can be installed in two places: into the underside wooden frame of a doorway, or into a beam in the ceiling. Installing the eyelet bolt into a door frame is easiest, but the doorway limits your range of motion.





2.Fantasy Door Swing

fetish fantasy door swing sex positons

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Door Swing turns any door into a love swing in just a few minutes! Enjoy positions you never thought were possible and explore your fetish fantasies!






3.Bondage Swing

fetish fantasy bondage swing white

Fetish Fantasy Series Fantasy Bondage Swing White. Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted. Now, any couple can perform the most difficult, most stimulating sexual positions ever imagined and reap the benefits and pleasures they arouse!







liberator wedgeramp combo 24 inch

It’s geometry for the G-spot. The perfect pair for plus-size couples. Spectacular sex is all about angles, and this duo tilts your hips just right (27 degrees), opening you up and lifting the belly for greater pleasure, better penetration and increased comfort.






5.Liberator Zeppelin Lounger

lounger1 1

Just kick back, relax and travel to places never been. Zeppelin Lounger is perfectly designed for love artists as well as single passenger transport. The most important feature is the enhanced thrusting action while floating in a bed of “champagne” (polyurethane) foam.




6.Bed Restraint System

fetish fantasy bed restraint system black


Transform your bed into a passion playground with the Ultimate Bed Restraint System. This easy-to-install bondage set is all you need to enjoy a night of fetish and fun in your own bedroom, using the bed you already own! You’ve always dreamt about being tied up to bed posts, but what do you if your bed doesn’t have any?  This versatile restraint system features two large nylon straps that wrap around your headboard and footboard and connect to 4 tethers and cuffs. Each tension strap features 6 metal D-rings that allow you to clip the tethers anywhere you want, creating elaborate bondage scenarios without tying knots or using hardware.

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