Top 4 Rabbit Vibrators

The Rabbit is a vibrating and usually rotating sex toy.  The long shaft has rotating pearls or beads and has a clitoral stimulator attached to it that looks like bunny ears.  They are designed to give more intense pleasure than using a traditional dildo, vibrator or clitoral stimulator alone as they stimulate both the vagina and clitoris at the same time.

Originally made in Japan, even though the law stated that they were not allowed to make vibrators, the manufacturers made them to resemble animals with bright colours.  These vibrators were released in the US by Vibratex in 1983 with shapes like the Kangaroo and the Turtle. Then, in 1984, after working on the design and introducing rotating pearls in the shaft they decided on rabbit ears for the clitoral stimulator (the rabbit is a lucky charm in Japan) and the Rabbit was born.

The Rabbit was a top seller and continued to change in design and style making it easier to use.  But it wasn’t until in 1998 that the Rabbit became global on a scale no one could have guessed.

The team from HBO’s Sex and the City wanted to incorporate a sex toy in an upcoming episode and researched what was the best selling sex toy at the time was.  And of course, it was the Rabbit.

The episode was the “Turtle and the Hare” when Miranda lent Charlotte her Rabbit Vibrator and Charlotte became hooked and didn’t want to leave her apartment.  The Rabbit and the episode was all that women were talking about.

By 1999 the Rabbit became the must have sex toy for every women and it still is to this day.

In 2005 Eva Longoria stated that she gave all her girlfriends a Rabbit Vibrator and that the gift she gives is an orgasm.  You would have thought with so much popularity and Hollywood hype it could not get any better attention.  Well, we would be wrong.

In 2006 Oprah Winfrey’s magazine O, labelled the Rabbit as the “Rolls Royce of sex toys”.  You couldn’t pay for this kind of advertisement and endorsement.

Now 30 years on the Rabbit is still ever evolving, the original style of Rabbit with pearls is still extremely popular and we now have a choice of different styles, functions, capabilities and materials.

The Rabbit is usually used when you have some time to play.  It’s not for that quick release, but I’m sure that will happen sometimes.  Make sure you have some privacy and no-one is going to walk in on you, apply your favourite lube and let yourself go.

Sure Charlotte from Sex and the City locked herself away for a couple of days once she first started to use her first Rabbit and you might want to as well.  But it doesn’t always have to be alone play time.  If you believe your partner would feel comfortable to join in ask them to take control of your pleasure.  Let them tease you, stimulate you and satisfy you.  They should be just as turned on as you are.

Some of the first Rabbits are still our favourites and will be for many years to come. But now with the new designs and styles the Rabbit is becoming a toy that you will have a couple of different styles in your toy draw.  Remote controlled, waterproof, rechargeable and better materials including silicone are just some of the increasing improvements for one of the worlds most used and loved sex toy.

For the beginners:

euphoria rabbit lavender vibrator
euphoria rabbit lavender vibrator

Euphoria Rabbit Lavender Vibrator

  • Still classified as a rabbit even though it is a Dolphin shape clitoris stimulator
  • Perfect for the beginner
  • 7 Multi function and satisfying levels
  • The addition of a curved head perfect for G-spot stimulation
  • Slim rotating steel beads and a triple action clitoral stimulator
  • Material PVR


Beginner to the little more advanced

G-Motion Rabbit Wand G-Motion Rabbit Wand

  •  7-speed rabbit ears
  • Gently pointed shaft tip and the forceful magic wand stimulator.
  • From beginner to the more advanced user.




For the more advanced – experienced Rabbit users

Ultimate Deep Stroker Rabbit

ultimate deep stroker
ultimate deep stroker
  • Multi functional levels for your pleasure
  • Silky soft Silicone touch
  • Perfect for the experienced Rabbit user



For those wanting a little more in size – advanced user 

Lelo Ina 2 Rechargeable

Beautifully crafted from the smoothest body safe Silicone

  • Dual action rabbit like vibrator
  • 8 different settings

    lelo ina 2 orange luxury vibrator
    lelo ina 2 orange luxury vibrator
  • G-spot pleasure with a wide shaft tip
  • Fully waterproof for bath and shower fun
  • Rechargeable and whisper quiet
  • Lelo’s unrivalled quality and assurance and 1 year warranty
  • For those who are wanting complete style and pleasure
  • Material silicone and PC/ABS (handle)



With so many different styles, shapes, sizes and function there is a Rabbit vibrator or two for everyone from the original favourite to something new and a little bit different.  The Rabbit Vibrator is a must have in every toy drawer.

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