Top 3 Sexy Board Games

fantasy affairs board

Sex and board games can be the funnest thing you’ll ever do with your partner. They are the
perfect fix to being stuck in a rut, needing that extra help to prolong the fun or just for a good
laugh and tease. There are several fun games on the market these days, all with different styles
and outcomes. But, no matter what your taste is lots of today’s games are designed to be used
for not just couples, they can easily be spread out into a group setting for that kinky sunday get


This is one of the most popular games sold in our stores, it’s all about creating a hot
and sexy scene with your partner. The aims of this game are to help you and your partner get to
know each other better and heat things up between the two of you. You play the game by
moving pieces around the board which will lead you to land on a square asking you to remove
your clothes, ask your partner something intimate about themselves, share a passionate kiss or
take a drink. There are 3 levels of intensity to choose from depending on what mood you and
your partner are in, the funnest part is no matter what level you choose the questions have a
way of heating themselves up the further along the game you go. The winners prize is to choose
one of the games 50 different fantasies to act out with their partner. With over 400 different
ideas and 3 intensities this game can be played over and over! You’re guaranteed to love the
game, and each other more each time.

Romantic Seductions

A sensuous game for lovers! How can a game awaken all five senses? Romantic Sensations Game puts everything together to ensure that the mood is set for soft caresses, quivers of sensual delight, communication, passion and humor!All your senses will come alive!

Romantic Sensations Game entertains while leading you through an entire range of emotions. The game is an exciting and stimulating prelude and you may make discoveries about each other you never imagined!

Goal of the Sensations Adult board game: You must meet challenges and accumulate as many favor coupons as possible! You will experience as many thrills playing Sensations as you will when redeeming your favors later!

Festish: Seductions

The Fetish game is the perfect way to get out of your shell or try things you’ve always had in
mind. This couples game comes with 36 different seductive ideas to help ease you into new
fantasies. It also includes a fetish set made up of seduction cards, ropes, dice, feather tickler,
blindfold and a soy candle for wax play. The aim of the game is to explore each others bodies
and use new things to role play, dominate and excite. It’s the perfect way to explore the darker
sides of sex.

You are guaranteed to find a new side of each other with some of these games, they’re not the
only games on the market though, we here at Kinkyfit stock a large variety of couples games
and are able to answer any questions you may have regarding what will work best for you!

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