It’s not just the play before getting down and dirty, it can start way before that.  It’s the flirting, the hints with a wicked smile, a wink here and there, a slight touch of the hand and the make out sessions which are all very important of setting the mood for a sexy session of love.

Foreplay can be as exciting if not more exciting than sex itself if you spend a little time pleasing your partner and getting them all hot and horny.

Doing a striptease can be such a turn on for both involved. It’s all about the seductive powers that you do possess.  You slowly take a piece of clothing off; tease your partner, having the feeling of being in control and having the power.

Dressing up – when a woman puts on sexy lingerie, stockings and that little black dress she can feel so sexy and very feminie.  Or, on the other scale you can do a little roll playing, a dirty girl, a naughty nurse, bad cop or sexy maid let your imaginations go wild.  You can dress up or down it all depends on how naughty you want to be.

Men don’t fret, you can dress up for your partner.  Simply, a man dressed in a good suit can really make our legs go wobbly.  But it doesn’t have to stop there, sexy boxers shorts or a simple bow tie around your manhood can start the fun.  Or you could be the bad cop, and make a citizens arrest.  Take your partner and handcuff their hands together and then you can take control of them.

Massage is a great way to relieve stress but it is also a great way to find and stimulate your lover’s erogenous zones.  Add scented massage oils, light a couple of candles and the mood are set for some serious loving.  Just don’t rush the massage, take the time for both of you to enjoy it.  A rushed massage is a dud massage.

A little mouth work just before they are leaving for work can be such a tease and turn on at the same time.  Just to give them an idea that you have something planned for later.  They will be thinking about it all day and won’t be able to wait for the night.  Especially if you call or text them a cryptic message about the little tease you gave them in the morning

We all know chocolate is sexy so why not include it into you foreplay.  Chocolate body paints and sauces are so deliciously fun and erotic.  Treat them like a piece of art.  Licking each other’s bodies clean is so naughty and sexy.  Chocolate not your thing, there are other different flavours like Strawberry and Champaign.  Let those bubbles pop.

A simple kiss can be romantic when done in the right way and at the right time.  A kiss on the forehead whilst they are sleeping.  A little kiss on the neck or ear can run shivers down their body.  Never underestimate the power of a simple kiss for example the unexpected kiss, in the middle of dinner lean over and kiss them.  PDA (Public Display of Affection), a kiss whilst out doing the normal routine of life can increase the unexpected kiss to a whole different level.  Especially if you don’t usually indulge in any PDA as this will take catch them off guard.

Bathing together can be such a sensually stimulating experience, either a shower or a bath.  Washing each others bodies slowly, lathering the soap up all over each other then slowly rinsing it off and replaced by soft kisses.

Now if you are up to it you can add a little of bondage to the mix.  You can start really slow if you are both new to it.  A little light spanking, make sure you warm the area by caressing and rubbing your hand over the target point that you are going to spank first.  You may not want to have a stinging first hit leave an unpleasant feeling and you can always go a little harder after starting really soft.

Tease each other to the point where you are both become totally crazy with excitement and anticipation.  It’s up to you where your limits are.

So tease and tantalize each other and have some fun.

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