Tips For A Happy Sex Life

Tips For A Happy Sex Life

If you’re coupled and stuck in a sexual rut, you’re not alone. While dry spells are a normal part of any relationship, it’s still no consolation for couples experiencing one.

Here are some quick tips to foster a happy sex life:


1. Add Sex Toys

Something like the Partner Whale could be what you need. It is worn during sex to lead you to a rousing shared climax. It is fitted with two powerful motors that beguile you and him with enchanting vibrations. The vibrations of the Partner Whale are especially intense, meaning it provides particularly stimulating moments. One shaft lies on the clitoris and massages your love button, while the other massages his G spot and his manhood.

If that’s not your thing you can also checkout Adam & Eve’s Vibrating Sleeve Kit  .Each thrust delivers stimulating textures and pleasure nubs that will drive her wild! Send her soaring to further heights of ecstasy, just slip the bullet into its holster at the base of the sleeve and she will feel vibrations targeting her most intense erogenous zone!

2. Try out some sexy Lingerie

The garments themselves do not provide arousal—seeing women in the garments create the pleasure. Sexy panties and corsets can  provide your partner with the imagination needed to keep the excitement going, It serves as a powerful tool to change the boring life between you and your lover without any doubts.

Sexy Lingerie also serve to empower women by making them feel comfortable in their own bodies.

3. Try something new

As you get more comfortable with your partner you might be susceptible to getting stuck in a rut or falling into a routine regarding your sex life. The spontaneity that once existed might not be there any more. Here’s a friendly reminder that it’s just as easy to bring that spontaneity back.

If you guys normally have sex at night try flipping that on its head and have sex during the day, if you guys normally have sex on the bed try having sex on the couch or the kitchen.

At the end of the day experiencing something new with your partner is what keeps the sparks flying so don’t be afraid to try something new.


4. Don’t focus too much on the orgasm

There’s more to sex than just having an orgasm. Although it feels pretty damn good it is not the be all end all of sex.In reality you are not going to have an orgasm all the time anyway.
Think of having an orgasm like dessert at the end of a good meal. A good dessert is a good way of finishing off a meal but the main reason your having the meal in the first place is to get to know and build a level of intimacy with your partner

By shifting your mindset away from this it allows you to have a more enjoyable experience.


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