The Unlocked Pleasures Of Breast And Nipple Stimulation

Tips For Nipple Play

Sex scenes in the movies usually follow a cliché path. The hungry man goes straight for the woman’s breasts in a moment of unrestrained passion. Of course, then he quickly loses interest and goes in for the win. He is missing out on a great opportunity—as are the many men out there who learn about sex from the movies. The breasts are actually considered one of the nine “erogenous zones” making them centres for pleasure.

Why Breasts Are Sensitive.

The erogenous zones are areas of the body that have heightened sensitivity. Stimulating these hot spots can result in greater sexual excitement and more powerful orgasms. Scientifically speaking, the reason why the breasts are so sensitive is because of Golgi-Mazzoni, Vater-Pacini and genital corpuscles located in the areola and nipple. There are also higher concentrations of nerve endings in the breasts as well as sensitive nerve tissue in the muscle and ducts. When a woman’s nipples are aroused chemical changes occur. Higher levels of oxytocin and prolactin are produced and this has a significant effect on a woman’s genital area.

Now you know the sciencey part! In fact, Dr. Barry Komisaruk representing Rutgers University conducted a study of 11 women and their brain activity, after self-stimulation. Fondling the nipples actually activated the same brain activity as vaginal and clitoral stimulation. The May 2006 issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine uncovered similar findings; their study found that over 80% of women stated that breast stimulation enhanced their sexual satisfaction. All of this runs contrary to some of the assumptions made by sex researcher Alfred Kinsey who suggested that breast stimulation was overestimated. Guys, we hope you’re paying attention!


Make Breasts Part of Foreplay.

Sex counsellors often advise lovers to prolong the foreplay, which often includes breast stimulation, before proceeding on to oral sex or penetration. In fact, more than a few women have actually reported having breast orgasms! Indeed, the current consensus in sexology research is that orgasms are mental processes, not strictly related to bodily functions. If you’re interested in giving your woman multiples then by all means, try to stimulate her all over the body, focusing on each of those erogenous zones. Aim to increase the foreplay, because you’re not merely postponing sexual activity—this is a form of sex too. Besides, paying more attention to a woman’s breasts in love play can help extend your overall lovemaking time, making staying power less of an issue.

The sexual potential of breasts and nipples are one reason why sex toy makers often feature breast toys. These can range from subtle and innocent (say, smaller breast vibrators) to the wacky and wild (nipple clamps, nipple jewellery and electronic “suckers”). If you do go down the toy route, remember to start slow with the gentlest toys first, so that you don’t scare your partner off or hurt her sensitive spots by accident. Some clamps are very sharp and are not for newcomers to sex toys. Your best bets are suckers, vibrators or little plastic teasers. Regardless of what you choose, remember the breasts! These are the fun bags you’ve been staring at for so long…it might just be time to give them the appreciation they deserve!



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