The Beginner’s Guide To Hand Cuffs

Guide To Hand Cuffs

Ever wanted to play with hand cuffs but never knew how? We have listed some innovative ways to use handcuffs during your sexcapades.  Here is the 8 Ways to Use Hand Cuffs

1. To the Bed.

Instead of clasping your wrists together, ask your lover to handcuff you to the bedpost. You could even keep a collection of extra handcuffs to  restrain both your wrists.  If handcuffs aren’t enough, place a blindfold over your partner’s eyes as well. That way you have more control over your lover. Kiss them all over their body, and because they won’t see it coming it’s all the more steamy.

2. Together In Front Or Back.

Handcuff your wrists together in front of you, so you can still reach down and play with your clitoris as your partner thrusts into you.  Handcuff your wrists at the back. That way you lover can hold the chain and control your arms in positions such as doggy style. Ensure you have a pillow in front of you, so your head won’t bump in front and you’ll have something soft to lean into.

3. Cuffed Together.

Handcuff your wrist to your lover’s wrist to find new positions. You’ll be restricted, so it’ll be a fun little challenge. Be creative!

4. Beyond the Bedroom

Try handcuffing yourself to the railing of your staircase, and then have a sizzling session on the stairs. You could take it a step further and handcuff your lover to a tree branch and have clandestine sex in the park (make sure you don’t get caught or do it where there are children)

5. Blowjob Wile Cuffed.

Not a fan of the times when your lover pushes your head down during a blow job? Give him head that he won’t forget and pop handcuffs onto him, so he has absolutely no control over how deeply you take him in your mouth, then go to town on him.

6. Cuffed To a Chair.

Handcuff your lover to a solid heavy chair, and then do a striptease for them from across the room. They’ll be dying to touch you, but will be unable to move. It will drive him wild.

7. Dressing Up Play.

Get into character and give hand cuffs a context. You could role play a crooked cop or a sex-crazed criminal and get down and dirty in a fantasy world just for you.

8. As Punishment.

You may not even need to use the handcuffs at all. Try placing them on your nightstand and use them as a prop for a teasing “threat.” If your love doesn’t behave, then they’ll get handcuffs to be “punished”

This list is by no means exhaustive, but hopefully will give you ideas on how you can incorporate this flexible bedroom bondage buddy. Browse our collection of  the best sex toys for couples…

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