The Beginner’s Guide to Gifting A Sex Toys

Gifting A Sex Toy

Recently I had a friend tell me she’d never used a sex toy and wouldn’t know where to start in looking for one. It’s not the first time someone has said this to me, but I was surprised by her; she’s a sexually adventurous gal in a long-term relationship and I’ve known her forever. So of course my first reaction was to grab my phone, get on our website, and get her the perfect vibe. But then I realised, as a complete novice, she didn’t know anything about vibrators, or lubes, or any other offerings for partner play or her own self-pleasure. And I had a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself: sexual favours – as in adult toy gift bags! Check out my top picks for sexual favours, for yourself if you’re a sex toy novice – or create a few, if you have friends like mine who don’t know where to begin.

What’s the first thing anyone thinks of when it comes to sex toys? I’d bet money you pictured a vibrator when you started thinking about what would go in an adult gift bag. But there are so many options it can be overwhelming, and that’s exactly why many women don’t even have one or at least don’t have the right one. First there’s a fun classic, perfect for a small gift bag – the mini vibe…. the Atomic Mini Vibrator, and in our opinion, it’s the best of many options in this category of mini vibes. A strong vibe with ten speeds, it’s so simple and versatile, you can bring it anywhere without raising an eyebrow. It will be your best commute and travel buddy!

But maybe you want a serious vibe, a grown-up toy that looks like what is. Every woman loves a rabbit! The Bff Ribbed Rabbit Purple Vibrator is perfect for novices and experts alike. A ribbed design on the shaft increases stimulation, and a set of rabbit ears massages the clitoris.

How about anal play? Perhaps intimidating for someone not accustomed to sex toys, let’s start mild! The Petite Sensations is one of Kinkyfit’s best sellers, and for good reason. Extra stimulation leads to strong orgasms, and the soft but firm material is easy to clean. It’s great for beginners and those who prefer low maintenance. The Petite Sensations Plug is designed to be worn for long periods of time if wanted and can be paired with other toys for increased pleasure.

Who would have thought eggs actually make excellent sex toys? But they are the perfect sexy things especially for beginners. There are wide array of eggs, each with unique interiors to deliver various sensations and pleasures. They are designed to be a masturbation enhancer for men, but work great for women too! Darcy Mini has a smooth design that will pleasure you beyond belief with no hassle and no mess. This toy is perfect for use when wanting something quick and low maintenance

You can make sexual favors for a friend or partner on any special occasion or just because. Personalise for each person’s interests and the occasion; create a gift set for the ultimate intro experience! Be Sure to not forget the extras like lube, cleaner, and condoms

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