The Beginner’s Guide to Exhibitionism

Guide to Exhibitionism

We’ve become a world of observers, loving to watch and be watched. Cameras on every corner and in every store, new television reality shows every week. It isn’t a surprise then that exhibitionism and voyeurism are kinks on the rise!

Exhibitionism is getting off on being watched, and voyeurism is the watching. Both pair well with other kinks – and with one another! It’s very important that you stay mindful of safety and legality while engaged in either; the excitement comes from possibly being caught in the act or being highly suggestive while in public, but it should never be without consent. These particular kinks are more about an audience than they are about specific behaviours or pleasures, so you may wonder what toys mix well – there are plenty!

First, consider simple bondage rope. A simple restraint mechanism, it can make the public sex play more risqué because one or both partners lack the control to move away or cover themselves if someone happens along. This Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Silk Rope is long enough to do basic ties as well as more complex Shibari style body nets. It can turn you from an exhibit into a work of art within a few knots!

If you’re feeling the exhibitionism vibe and love the risk of getting caught, the Neon Remote Control Bullet Vibrator will follow you anywhere – including the pool. This toy is controlled with a discreet remote so the fun can easily be brought into public. Worn by the male or female, the control is handed over to a partner (or even just kept to yourself) to make every moment a surprise. You don’t even have to be next to your partner for this toy to work; in fact it works up to three times the distance of other wireless toys! Imagine your partner far away from you but watching as this toys gets turned on, while you have to keep a straight face and contain your pleasure while strangers pass.

How strong is your urge for exhibitionism? Do you like the rush of almost getting caught or do you want to ensure you’re seen? The S&M’s Collar and Leash set is great for using out in public, sure to be seen but not arrested for public sex acts or nudity! Perfect for combining exhibitionism with other kinks like sub/dom, pet play, or humiliation, you can show that you’re in control or being controlled. Walk your partner, or him or her up to a railing outside of a store while you run in on an errand, forcing them to be stared at as well. It also works for light BDSM and would be a great pairing with the Bondage Rope.

Exhibitionism and voyeurism are the most pleasurable kinks and genuinely enjoyed on various levels by almost everyone. You should always practice respect for others in public while taking part in these kinks, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to. Discreet versatile toys are easily used in public areas or can used with a partner who likes to watch every move you make.

Have some favourite exhibitionism or voyeurism toys from Kinkyfit or hot stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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