The Art Of Seduction

The Art Of Seduction

Firstly you need confidence and a little playfulness.  You don’t want to come across as needy as the more desperate you are the less attractive you will become.

You may like to keep them guessing be being a little risqué or doing something unexpected.  Keep a little mystery with your seduction techniques.

Be playful with flirting, a slight touch or a little teasing with a seductive smile.  Don’t be too serious as it is almost like a game.  Studies have found that a playful attitude makes people more attractive.

People are more likely to give their phone number to someone who uses humour to woo them.  Being able to make fun of yourself can also show that you can take a joke even if it’s about yourself.

Body language plays a large part in seduction.  Move confidently, if you look like you’re sure of yourself other people will notice.  But don’t be too cocky as this can really turn people off.  Using your body also comes into effect with the flirting process with touching someone.  This is also a great way if you are not an expert in word play.

Eyes and mouths play a huge part in seduction, as that is generally where the person you are flirting with will be looking at.  Lock your eyes on the special someone.  When you’re talking to them, don’t let your eyes wander around looking at everyone else.  Pay special attention to the one you are with.  People feel special when they have someone who is showing them undivided attention.

You will seem more attractive if the other person believes you have a full exciting life.  Don’t always be available, you have to be interesting and exciting.  No one wants to be with someone who they believe to be boring.

When it comes to making the call for the first date, don’t call straightaway call in a couple of days.  Or if you are the one being asked don’t accept the first date they ask for.  Keep the intrigue there.  Again neither will be thinking the other is being desperate or dull.  Play it cool.  But of course keep your social calendar full and have fun and exciting things to do.  Don’t be waiting by the phone thinking of calling them or waiting on that call.  You will feel more enjoyment out of your life if you’re out and about.

Always leave something for the imagination.  Don’t share everything about your life straight away.  Keep the intrigue alive and this can make you and the other person mysterious.

Be mindful of what parts of your life you want to share.  Do you think that the other person wants to know about your Aunt that has 6 toes?!  Keep it fun and light.  Being slightly vague in the beginning lets you introduce more information at a later time.

Waiting for their desire for you can be like waiting for the kettle to boil.  Be patient and believe in your confidence that it’s only a matter of time till you have completely seduced them.  If you don’t have that confidence you will not succeed.

Human nature makes it natural for us to become attracted to someone we are comfortable with, makes us laugh and who leaves us with intrigue.

The art of seduction is like making someone fall into your spell.

Keep the magic going.

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