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We are proud to announce that we have started collaboration with Spices of Lust, a blog about fun, health & kink. They are a team of two, in their mid-twenties, blogging about what they love the most. They explore human sexuality in extraordinary detail and provide their readers with intriguing content.

ass with wax after wax playWe strive to provide the best in erotic stimulation to our customers, which Spices of Lust have been doing for an extended period of time. They reconnoiter the weird and wonderful world of BDSM and the vast subcultures it has through articles such as Bondage Guide, where they explore the kinky BDSM subculture, they talk about how every day supplies and restraint can help increase stimulation as well as more kinky ones such as wax play where they give an impressive amount of insight to their readers by going through pain boundaries.

It was interesting reading about how power can help with increasing arousal and stimulation. Through ’Female Domination’ or ‘femdom’- where the female is the more dominant and in takes control in a sexual situation is another interesting read in which they provide perspectives off the roles in the bedroom and increase stimulus.Sticking with the theme off power they also provide distinctions between the type off relationships by introducing another one. D/s relationship is a relationship with power exchange, where one partner is the dominant one and the other is the submissive one. That can happen only in one session or it can be a lifestyle. D/s relation doesn’t have to include sex, or to further extent, even sex. It can happen over phone, mail, messages or any other form of communication. It is necessary to understand that dominance and submission relations are purely based on the power exchange. However, some D/s relationships get physical and include power play in their sex life. The person that dominates and the person that is dominated enjoy the fact and take sexual pleasure from either dominating or being dominated.

No topic is left uncovered on their quest of the human sexuality. Whether it be through technology BDSM or even through erotic stories their website, Spices of Lust, is a must to check out.

We are thinking to expand the services by working in close partnership. Our principal is to satisfy the customer by providing our best services. This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our business and also provide newer services.
Expect to hear more things about our collaboration soon.
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