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Did you pass your first anal course with flying colors? If the material is getting a little too easy for you and you’re, ah, open to a new challenge, then the Shane’s World Advanced Anal 101 Beads will certainly stretch you to new limits. The advanced anal beads provide in-depth studies for the most gifted students of anal pleasure.

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Power up your anal play with Shane’s World Advanced Anal 101 Beads! If you’re ready for even better, body-shaking sensations, you’ll love playing with this thrilling anal toy.  Starting off with a super small bead, the Advanced Anal 101 Beads are easy to insert right away. When you want to feel more electrifying pleasure, pop in another bead and intensify your backdoor bliss!

The beads transition from tiny to extra large, so you can go deeper for more pleasure. It’s an ideal beginner’s anal toy! With a bendable body, this anal stimulator curves to match your own natural contours to give you a better fit.   Designed with a retrieval ring on the end, the Advanced Anal 101 Beads can be safely and quickly removed whenever necessary.

Slip Shane’s World Advanced Anal 101 Beads into yourself or your partner and see just how “gifted” you really are. The beads are sized just right to gradually increase pleasure as each one slides inside. You and your partner will love the intense massaging sensation of their anus opening and closing wider and wider every time.

The graduated beads allow you to push yourself to some seriously sexy limits at your own speed. How many can you take? Push yourself to reach maximum pleasure as you bask in more and more intense sensation with the insertion of every new bead. The beads are flexible and durable for play in any position and at any speed. T

hey feature a sturdy retrieval ring so you can pull them out tantalizingly slowly or make your partner go wild and jerk them out right at the point of orgasm. Or, leave them in while you engage in normal play and get a taste of how that gloriously full sensation enhances your pleasure even further.

The possibilities are endless, so get creative and explore them for yourself with the 10.75’’ long anal beads.

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