Sex Toys for Couples

Sex Toys for Couples

How to Introduce Sex Toys into Your Relationship

Before you whip out your favourite dildo or vibrator, it’s probably best to discuss it with your partner first. Starting the conversation about bringing in toys can be difficult for penis and vulva-owners alike!

Sex Toys are for Everyone

You or your partner may be experiencing anxiety about incorporating sex toys into your relationship. Some common fears are:

  • That your sexual involvement isn’t good enough
  • That you do not satisfy your partner correctly
  • That you’re being replaced somehow

Adult toys are meant to bring a new dimension of sexual fun into your relationship, not replace your previous intimacy in any way.

Often it’s the sexiness of the taboo surrounding using an adult toy that creates the fun!

There was a 2016 study that showed that those people who used sex toys identified that they were in a happier and more satisfying relationship than others who did not.

Now that you know that – I bet you’re wondering about how to start the conversation with your partner?

Be Open and Honest

Explain to your partner that you’re interested in using a sex toy together. That you want to enhance the quality of your sex life and that you think it can only help the quality of your intimacy.

Using words like “possibly” and “maybe” could discredit your interest, and your partner could brush it off.

Toys Are a Tool for Empowerment

Sexuality and authentic sexual identity can often be a gateway toward becoming your best self.

Sex toys can prove useful in figuring out precisely what you want and don’t want. The same goes for not only for your partner but for your relationship overall.

Taking the Pressure off of Performance

Almost everyone suffers from the pressure to “perform” in bed. You want to satisfy your partner thoroughly and make sure that they have the best possible experience.

However, by doing this, you take the focus off yourself. It can often lower your satisfaction from the sexual moment.

By incorporating a toy, it’s like having another hand (or two) to get you both where you’re going! Remember, they’re more than toys. They’re tools.

Make the Toy Choice Together

Working together to choose a toy can make the difference between your partner feeling comfortable with it and not.

Sex Toys for Couples

Pretty much every toy can be adapted and used by couples. From butt plugs to vibrators, they can be great for everyone! (Yes, men can use vibrators too)

There are a few specific styles of toys designed just for couples that we think you should know about.

Cock Rings

There is a massive variety of cock rings to choose from! However, they boil down to essentially two main categories, vibrating and non-vibrating.

Non-vibrating Cock Rings

Cock rings are placed around the base of the penis or behind the testicles. This helps keep the blood in the penis. Thus the person wearing the cock ring will become even more engorged than usual, giving the appearance of a thicker, longer, harder penis. Also, these toys are often used to help make the penis less sensitive so you can last longer! One of our favourites is the Ruber O Ring

Vibrating cock rings

Vibrating cock rings do the same thing. However, they have a little vibrating tip. This tip can be angled at the top of the penis to touch the partner’s clitoris providing an additional sexy sensation. Some types of vibrating cock rings are not only rechargeable but can be turned around to stimulate the perineum, or taint, of the penis-owner wearing it! For this, we suggest the affordable but high-quality Fantasy C Ringz.


These are very popular with couples! It can sometimes be hard to find the right angles or geometry to find the G-spot. This is where wedges come in handy for couples as it aligns them in away where reaching the G Spot becomes the norm. For this we suggest the Liberator Wedge.

Sex Swing

Slightly less “conventional”, and leaning into a more BDSM side of things sex swings are an excellent way to try new and sex positions with your partner. The Fetish Fantasy Door Swing is excellent for couples as it is easy to set up and even more easier to explore a whole host of different sexual positions.

Like we’ve said before, couples can use almost every sex toy on the market, but they’re not genuinely designed for couples. These are some excellent choices so that both are you are getting pleasure from your joint purchase!

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Sex Toys For Couples

Sex Toys For Couples

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