fantasy affairs board game for couples

Sometimes creativity can lack in the bedroom. But that’s nothing a little fun and games can’t fix!

If you’re looking for a safe, fun, and creative way to try out your wildest fantasies, the Fantasy Affairs board game might be the perfect thing for you and your partner! This sex game allows you to play out your wildest fantasies in an adventurous way, leading to more exciting experiences in the bedroom.

There’s a number of reasons you might have found yourself in a rut in your sex life, but one of the best ways to overcome that is by trying something new!

Not only will you get to role-play as the housewife and handyman, the game also features a unique “creative kissing” element. With 36 new ways to kiss, enjoy some intimate foreplay and learn a few new tricks at the same time.

With 36 Fantasy Affair cards, 36 Creative Kiss cards, 104 Heart cards, 10 Heart tokens, 2 game markers and 1 die, this game is guaranteed to get your heart racing!

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