Roll The Sexy Dice, The Best Sexy Dice Sets

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There’s a reason why sex dice are a staple of bedroom toys. They’re the perfect introduction to sex games if you’ve never used them before, and great for breaking out of a rut. Ever wanted to try something new?

You need to get some sexy dice sets for you and your lover.

Every couple is different, and that goes the same for dice. You want to pick a sexy dice set that will in tune with your bedroom style, and what you’re both into. Check out what’s on the market and see what it offer. If you’re looking for more intimate and thoughtful dice, pick some that offer activities such as cuddling or massages. If you want something a bit more wild, then you want dice that dare you to act out your deepest fantasies!

There’s sure to be a dice for you in these best three sexy dice sets on the market. Check them out and see for yourself.

Spicy! Sex Dice

Spicy Sex DiceThese dice are an utter tease! Roll the dice, and perform whatever action comes up on them. The twist is you can only have sex when you roll the dice and the word ‘sex’ comes up twice. Have fun teasing each other until you finally reach that magic moment.

Naughty Nights Raunchy Dare Dice Game

XXXtra Naughty Nights Erotic Dare DiceThis dice game punches the traditional game up a notch by adding an extra dice. As well as the action and the body part, you get a dice that gives you instructions on how to do it! Will you perform the action sensually, quickly, or passionately? It’s up to the dice

Freaky Gold Sex Dice

freaky gold sex DiceFor The Adventurous Couples Who Don’t Mind Leaving A Few Things Up To Chance, The Gold Sex Dice Is A Must Have. This Sexy Gold Set Of Dice Contains Two Pieces, One With Sensual Actions On One, And A Body Part On The Other. Roll Both, See Where They Land, And Then Follow The Instructions For An Unforgettable Night.

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