PureSkin Player Dong with Suction Cup


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Are you looking for an orgasmic experience with the most realistic, authentic touch and feel? Let us introduce the Pure Skin Player™ Dong with Suction Cup, measuring a sizeable 6.25 inches long. Designed using the special Pure Skin technology, this toy boasts a lifelike feel so you can imitate the pleasures of partner on partner contact, without all the hassle!

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PureSkin Player Dong with Suction Cup is the perfect toy to use at home to fulfill all your fantasies and the extra strong hold suction cup allows you to experiment with your toy everywhere and anywhere. The smooth, soft and supple design offers optimum flexibility, comfort and realism whilst the specialized material will glide easily with every movement.

Our dual density dongs are also extremely durable and built to last. We recommend teaming with our high-quality Universal Lube™ for the most enhanced stimulation and pleasure, and we recommend cleaning your dong before and after every single use to maintain maximum hygiene. A great starter product or for advanced users alike.

Made from a revolutionary material called PureSkin, the Player is an almost impossibly realistic dildo that’s going to satisfy your need for the real thing when the real thing’s not on hand (so to speak). Shaped and detailed to look just as lifelike as the material feels, the smoothly tapered head and deliciously veined texture along with ridges and bumps are sure to hit all your hot spots, no matter how you choose to use. A pair of wide balls round off the extra strong suction cup base, which lets you attach your Player to almost any smooth flat surface; the balls make it safe for extra deep penetration and anal use.

Going back to the PureSkin, this material truly is the closest thing to the feel of a firm penis, a multi-layering technique allows for a satisfying firmness under the surface plush, velvety smoothness of the outer layer. It’s pliable and elastic, retaining its shape while flexing for the best positioning possible. You’ll love that this dildo warms to the touch, it quickly reaches body temperature for a warm, human feel.

You’ll also love that the Player is extra low maintenance, it doesn’t need special care, unlike some other similar materials, you’ll just want to wash it well and let it dry fully before storage. Use a good quality water based lube if needed with this dildo to keep the PureSkin material at its best.

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