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Orgasmixx is the game where the name says it all! The game for lovers that contains a perfect mix; just enough teasing, foreplay, kinky games and sexuality!

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The Orgasmixx Game is all about the O! Play with your lover and tease, kiss, and get kinky, all while trying your best not to have an orgasm until you reach the last square! So enjoy the sexy activities and get worked up to your heart’s content, but don’t have an orgasm! Wait until the end of the game and then you can do whatever you want together and enjoy the built-up feelings and the explosive orgasm you will both finally experience. The game includes one game board, four decks of cards, one die, one hourglass, two tokens, one body crayon, and one blindfold.

You must try to hold your orgasm until you reach the last square. Illustrated cards and sexy games will guide you through a series of erotic trials. Playing Orgasmixx Game is about learning to prolong the pleasure and savoring the experience! And waiting until the end of the game to release your urges. So stay cool when things get hot, and you wi’ll love every second of this game.

The game includes: 1 Board, 4 decks of cards, 1 die, 1 hourglass, 2 tokens, 1 body crayon, 1 blindfold.

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