Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Feather Crop


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One crack of this Fantasy Feather Crop and your lover will know who’s in charge! First tease them with the feathers, then please them with a smack of the crop. It hurts so good! Faux Feathers and Patent Vinyl

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Give Your Lover a Tickle & Then a Spank! Watch your partner’s demeanor change instantly with the new Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Feather Crop. This versatile toy allows you to first tease and tickle your partner with the patented feather tickler, followed by a harsh and unforgiving spank!

Key Benefits

  • Tickler Teases & Titillates Your Lover
  • Leather Crop Disciplines & Spanks a Naughty Spouse
  • Perfect for BDSM & Fetish Beginners
  • Let them know who the real boss of the bedroom is!

Add your Fetish Fantasy Limited Edition Feather Crop to your cart today and make your partner squirm with pleasure and yell with pain!

Material: Leather  |  Weight: 1.12 ounces