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Cosmo Kama Sutra Sex Deck


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Cosmo Kama Sutra The Sex Deck. Turn up the heat! Cosmo’s eternally popular bestseller is now available in a great new format: a gift card deck that features 99 positions plus 12 bonus lust lessons.

Each position appears as a color illustration and includes precise and tantalizing instructions for mastering that move. So pick a card, any card: whichever one you get, you are a winner! 4.1 inches wide by 4.9 inches high, 1.6 inches deep.

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Take your erotic life to a whole new level with the Cosmo Kama Sutra Sex Deck! With 99 different sex positions to try, you’ll never be bored! Learn about everything from the Pinwheel to the Python to the Figure-Eight. You and your partner will both enjoy exploring every inch of each other’s body. These positions let you explore G-spot stimulation, shower sex and much more!

The 18 million fun, fearless readers of Cosmopolitan agree on one thing: no one knows sex better. Now Cosmo`s perennial bestseller, Cosmo Kama Sutra Sex Deck, is available in a great new gift format–and it`s hotter than ever, with 22 sizzling new positions. Each of the 99 positions is illustrated and features precise instructions on mastering the move. It`s a torrid tour-de-force that will be as much fun to give as to receive. And now, the table of contents makes it easy to search by type of position–such as sitting, standing, and reclining–so you can find the move you want…even in the heat of the moment.

Head on over to our select collection of Girls’ Night Out & Bachelorette Party Section for all your games and girls!

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