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ProBlo Numbing Deep Throat Spray 1oz


Blow your mans mind with the best oral sex of his life! Just a squirt or two of this numbing spray will desensitize the gag reflex, making it easier to give a better blow job and making it easier to take it longer and deeper than ever before. Pleasant flavors make you kissable

Grab ProBlo  numbing Deep Throat spray and blow your man’s mind with the best oral sex of his life!  Just a squirt or two of this numbing spray will allow you to give a better blow job by desensitizing your gag reflex, making it easier to take it longer and deeper than you ever have.  Use ProBlo for more intense oral play since these delightful flavors make you kissable and him gulpable with ease.

  • Reduces discomfort during oral sex so you can go deeper & longer!
  • Mild desensitizing agent eases gag reflex
  • Easy-to-use spray applicator
  • Discreet and portable size
  • Tasty flavor options

ProBlo is specially formulated for those who want to master the art of blow jobs. The single most important factor that makes one blow job better than another is the ability to go deep. The problem lies in the physiology of the throat – when something presses on the back of the throat, the natural reaction is to gag. That involuntary reaction gets in the way of performance, so thanks to the professional formula ProBlo deep throat numbing spray, the expert blow job is possible, all while being done comfortably.

ProBlo flavored numbing Deep Throat formula is safely made in the USA by Little Genie Production and comes in a travel friendly 1 fl.oz (29 mL) spray bottle for your on-the-go adventures.

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