Perfect Sex Toys For Use In Public

discreet sex toys

Nothing can quite heighten your libido than the daring act of having sex in a public place, away from the safety of the sheets. For those who have tried it they can admit to just how exciting and tantalizing it can be.

Knowing you may get caught, the rush of spontaneous sex and just the down taboo nature of sex in public make it well worth it. Even those who have never had sex in public have at least though about what it might be like; with a lot more have it as one of their top fantasies.

Whether you enjoy the thrill from experiences or fancy trying it out to see what all the fuss is about, a good way to test the waters or simply add some more promiscuous behaviour into your sex life is to try using sex toys in public. An often overlooked fantasy, there is a lot of pleasure to be gained from using toys when you are out an about in the public, much of which can be compared to having sex their too. There is so much excitement and pleasure to be had from such a naughty experience that is definitely worth trying for the more adventurous out there.

So it does beg the question – which sex toys are the best to use in public?

Vibrating panties are a classic in public pleasure. Stereotypically we imagine a restaurant scene, where the woman can hardly even order because her speech is being broken by moans. Vibrating panties are so useful because they are so easy to hide. No need to worry about slipping your hands down your pants, or even having to hold a adult sex toy in your hand. Assuming that you’re playing with a partner, you’ll be at the mercy of their remote control. If you’re in a relationship and you walk home together, playing with some vibrating panties can be a frisky form of foreplay.

The Club Vibe 3.OH Remote Control Vibrating Panties is a  beautiful lace panty with a custom pouch comes with the Club Vibe 3.OH. No more batteries! Both the panty vibe and the remote control are rechargeable. Specifications: perfect for couple’s play with up to 20 feet wireless range. Body safe silicone. Phthalate free. USB Charging. Rechargeable battery in both massager and remote control. Compact design for ultimate discretion.  There is also the Sensuelle Pleasure Panties from Sensuelle have whisper quiet vibrations for a delicious date night, or for a public fun.

So, don’t find yourself without ever again. Take a look to see all the different varieties of sex toy on offer, each with different characteristics and see which ones might tickle your fancy.

Not feeling like actually wearing a ‘toy”, there are many vibrators designed to be quiet. This was encouraged so that user could feel comfortable within the privacy of their room and not have to worry about waking up your roommate or partner.  Generally, the sound of a loud motor between your legs can be distracting, especially when sharing a vibrator with a partner. However, amongst all pleasurable products there are some that rain supreme in discreteness.

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