Penis Rings And Their Popularity

increase the size of your penis

Whether you call it a C-ring, cock ring or penis ring, this is a special type of ring for your “eleventh finger.”  The cock ring is used recreationally and for sexual enhancement.  Though there are plenty of variations to cock ring designs, the basic model involves a ring that fits snugly (just tight enough but not painful) around the base of the shaft.  Cock rings these days come in all different shapes, styles and sizes, but many testify to their sexual enhancement properties.

The purpose of the cock ring was originally to slow down the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue.  When the blood flow is slowed, a man’s erection can stay hard and last longer. However, cock rings are not only used for sexual dysfunction.  They can also be used for good, clean fun.  Plenty of men simply enjoy the sensations a cock ring brings them; it feels tight and leads to heavy engorgement and often what can be described as “more intense orgasms”.  Some people merely enjoy the way a cock ring looks and may wear it as “genital jewellery.”  Cock rings are used in masturbation and used by heterosexual and gay couples alike.


Now, you might think that the cock ring is such a simplistic device that there wouldn’t be much variety to choose from.  Wrong!  There is a wide variety of cock rings to select, and we’re not just talking about different colours.  There are cock rings that vibratecock rings that simultaneously massage a woman’s clitoriscock rings that fit snugly around both the penis shaft and the scrotum, rings made specifically for erectile dysfunction (with a penis pump), and cock rings made from different types of material.  Depending on what material is used, these rings can give very different sensations.  There are rings made from leather, rubber, silicone, nylon, metal and plastic. The options are vast.

No matter what cock ring you choose, you are sure to have hours of fun—if you and your partner can take an hours-long session!  Just use common sense for safety.  If you wear the ring too long and it starts to hurt, take it off.  Otherwise, there is no health risk.  Cock rings are a wonderful way to spice up your sex life.  It’s time to tell your partner, “I meant put on your other ring!”

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