No Ifs, Ands Or Butts: Plugs Are Fun!

No Ifs, Ands or Butts: Plugs Are Fun!

Some sex toys have very specific purposes and need to be used very specifically. This can be great because then you know what you’re going to get and will use that toy for exactly what you need. I’m thinking specific clitoral vibrators, penis sleeves and nipple clamps and such.

Other sex toys are less specific in the pleasure they aim to supply. These toys are more likely to be used as an addition to other pleasures, whether that be masturbation, fetish play or even sexual intercourse. These add-on toys are the helping hands that push already fantastic feelings over the edge of fun.

And some of the best types of add-on toys are butt plugs!

There are so many types of sexytimes to be had in the backend, but the ass remains a difficult space to manage for some folks. Even if you are super keen and have gotten past all of the societal issues around anal fun, getting past the potential physical challenges that can occur is a whole other issue. Yes, it is possible that butt stuff might hurt. It surely doesn’t have to if you find the many anal toy guides here on Cherry Banana, but if things don’t go well, it might.

What are butt plugs?

Well, one of the ways to help someone new to anal pleasure is the use of butt plugs. Once most people try the unique pleasures of anal pleasure, they often want more. But, being able to handle more can be a challenge. And the mistake that most people make is trying to put things that are too big in there, too fast. Like penises. These things are hard to take as your first anal toy.

And this is why butt plugs are so great. These versatile toys come in absolutely every size imaginable. From slim and tiny to big and wide, you can find the perfect butt plug for you. Because there are so many different sizes, someone new can use a system of increasingly larger butt plugs. Over whatever length of time is most comfortable, whether it be in one sex session or over many different sessions, slowly swapping and increasing the size of a butt plug can make a huge difference in comfort levels and pleasure too!


Shaping up to be fun!

Another great thing about butt plugs is their shape. One of the best ways to become comfortable with sizable objects in your butt is by having them sit inside you for a length of time. Unfortunately, most vibrators and dildos will simply slide out of the anus, particularly if other sexytime activities are happening concurrently.

Butt plugs, however, are specifically tapered to start off thin, get thicker and then finish off thin. This will help your ass naturally hold the toy in place no matter what other shenanigans you are getting up to. Some people even like to slip their butt plug in and then go out on the town, enjoying the pleasure that continual sensation brings.

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