Love Sex: What Is It?

Love Sex

As much fun as it is, sex can be an intensely complex topic. When you throw the concept of romantic love into the mix, it can sometimes be very difficult to separate the two. These days, a whole list of new terminology is being created for the likes of sexuality. As a result, the term Love-Sex has risen (and is used particularly in the United States). But what is love-sex? How does it differ from regular sex?

Before answering this question, it’s important to get some definitions going. It will make it easier to grasp the concept of sex and what it can do for a person.

Romantic Love

The concept of romantic, affectionate love surprisingly has very little to do with the act of sex itself. Romantic love is all-encompassing. It makes you want to be around the other person a lot. It makes you long for both their touch and their words and makes you want to make them happy. Romantic love can sometimes be overwhelming and the difference is that you literally feel it in your heart and your stomach. It can make you speechless. It’s effects, in fact, are not very different from taking a kind of drug.

Studies show that men’s testosterone levels drop when they are in love. A person’s pupils will dilate and their words and actions will be stilled.


Sex itself is the physical act of pleasuring one another and often ends in orgasm. When it comes to pure feelings and sensations, you will usually feel it in your crotch! Sex is powerful and gives you to the drive to touch and to fuck. Sexual attraction is very different from romantic attraction. You may only be interested in having sex with a person for one night. You may only be interested in having a “friends with benefits” relationship with that person. When it comes to sex, it is the person’s physical touch and body that’s in focus. Some people are much more visually focused and will want someone who looks good and is pleasing to the eye: others may desire a person who can really rock the bed until dawn.

So What is Love Sex?

Love-sex is, quite naturally, the mixture of these two. It can be exhilarating, overwhelming and probably one of the most ultimately satisfying feelings in the world. It is when you have fantastic sex with a person that you absolutely adore and love and want to have sex with over and over again. Love-sex is not as rare as you think it is, but it does involve many components and is something that you often have to build up to and work with.

Both love and sex don’t have to be as complicated people make them out to be. But they take time. This means you have to play the game, take the steps and be patient. The love-sex experience in this regard is very much something worth waiting for!

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