Kegels: An Introduction What is KEGEL?

Kegels: An Introduction What is KEGEL?

Some Kegel balls look like funny shaped eggs, some look like two round golf balls connected by a string, and some are just a single ball with a tail. These different types give you a different feeling and help fit different because everyone is different.

What are Kegel balls used for?

Well, let’s explore that!

Every female has a Kegel muscle that they can tense and release in their pelvic area. This muscle stretches around the front of the pelvic bone right back to the tail bone.

This muscle helps to stabilize your spine. When this muscle becomes weak, women may experience not being able to hold urine while running, jumping, laughing, sneezing or any other things that use the muscles in their abdomen.

Use of Kegel after giving birth

Another issue is when a woman gives birth, it is possible that the pelvic floor may collapse, which nobody wants!

This is where kegel balls come in. When using kegel balls, you can train and strengthen your kegel muscle, reducing the risk of it collapsing, making it easier to hold your pee and heightening your sexual experiences! I mean, come on, who doesn’t want stronger orgasms?

Are Kegel easy to use?

Using kegel balls are also easy to use. You simply insert it as you would with a tampon and hold it there for no longer than 15–20 minutes a day. As it becomes more manageable, you can go through the different weights and try doing things like housework or walking around while holding it in place.

Someone using them should reach a stage where they can walk around and keep it in without thinking about it at all. This is a sign of a strong kegel muscle!


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