Kegels 101

Kegels 101

Whilst the vagina is a flexible organ, we must also remember that it’s muscular and elastic. This means that, over time, the muscles naturally loosen, elasticity is lost and then we’re looking at possible incontinence (meh) and “loose sex” (when you can’t feel your man inside you not because his penis has shrunk but because your vaginal grip isn’t what it used to be.) This is where the Kegel Balls come in handy. Want to know more? Read on!

So what are they exactly?

Kegel Balls are clever little balls that are used while performing Kegel exercises to help women progressively strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. It’s important to note that you don’t have to be actually doing the Kegel exercises, and that merely holding the balls inside your vagina using your pelvic floor muscles will do the job.

Not just for mums and grandmas!

So you haven’t had a child, or you’re still a youngster, and you think you’re too cool for the Kegels? Actually, Kegels are not only for fixing bladder problems or aiding with post-birth recovery and just post-pregnancy. All women, whether they went through a c-section or natural birthing, will reap the benefits from strengthening their pelvic floor muscles. Young people are huge on using the Kegels to boost their sex life.

A stronger pelvic floor muscle creates a more intense contraction during orgasm. Do the math – a tighter vaginal grip will feel better for both you and your man. So, basically, the Kegels are for anyone who owns a vagina.

Medical staff have always instructed us to keep up physical exercise. This applies to your cha cha as well ladies!

All it takes is 15min a day.

I guarantee you will end up wanting to use them more often. The beauty about these little balls is that no one will know you have them inside of you. You can use them when during any menial task.

Weight training doesn’t just happen at the gym.

Every set of balls has a different size and weight – anything from 10 grams to 100 grams. Ideally, you want to start small. The heavier the balls, the harder you have to work to hold them inside. If you use them regularly (daily is best), you can increase the weight gradually as you feel vag muscles getting stronger.

So which one is the right one for you?

Different sizes, material, weight and colour – which one to choose? As all you smart ladies know, we’re all made differently, so it’s imperative to choose the right Kegel Balls for your lady bits.

No strings attached.

Kegel balls come with or without strings attached. The string makes it easier to remove the balls and are, therefore, much loved by beginners. Stringless balls (sounds wrong) are a set of individual Kegel Balls which have the same insertion method, but the more advanced user prefers… It takes things up a notch. Just be sure not to shove them too far up where you can’t comfortably retrieve them.

How far up can they go?

Don’t be afraid that they will get “lost” inside of you. They won’t. Your vagina has a closing at the top, called the cervix, so it is physically impossible for your balls (much like tampons) to go swimming “upstream”.

How do you use them?

  1. Apply water-based lubricant liberally over the balls and your vaginal opening;
  2. Lie down in a comfortable position and relax (take some deep breaths here);
  3. Slowly insert the Kegels into your vagina;
  4. The balls are usually connected to one another with a piece of string (usually silicone.) Once the first ball is inserted inside of your vagina, tuck in the string and slowly insert the second ball;
  5. Push the Kegels as far inside your vagina as you are comfortable. If your balls have a removal string/loop, leave that hanging outside for easy access when you have finished with your Kegel sesh;
  6. Tighten your muscles to hold the Kegel Balls inside of you; and
  7. Go about your day and have fun!

How does it feel?

It varies from person to person; generally, it is a subtle sensation which is amplified with movement. Some women report feeling sexually stimulated, whilst others don’t get aroused by them whatsoever.

The doc is in the house

Kegel Balls are generally safe to use at any time except in the following circumstances:

• During pregnancy or within 6 weeks childbirth;

• If pelvic infections or pelvic pain are present;

• Post any gynaecological or urological surgery;

• If you are currently using a menstrual cup; and

•If you have an intrauterine device.

Always consult your health care professional for any concerns and questions you may have. It shouldn’t hurt, so if it does stop using them immediately and consult your doc. Don’t be embarrassed, sexual health is not a taboo topic, and your doctor will be used to it.


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