Interesting Sex Positions To Spice Up A Long-Term Relationship

Interesting Sex Positions To Spice Up A Long-Term Relationship

It’s common, in a long relationship, to find yourselves in a sex rut. The same places, same schedule, same sex positions. One of the ways to get around this is to bet on new possibilities related to sex positions. Get to know four sexual positions that promise to ward off laziness:


The man sits down and the woman sits on top of him. There will be deep penetration and at the same time she gets his penis, the clitoris will be stimulated.


With the man kneeling, the woman stays with her belly up and with her back on the bed, so that she can rub her feet on her partner’s chest during penetration. By holding your knees at your chest level, the man will have great pleasure.

Lying over her

The man stimulates the vagina penetrating and also makes his partner feel the warmth of his body. Kisses and nibbles on her neck and ear are great in this position.

Holding the ankles

With her lying down and him seated, she moves her arms back holding her ankles. He penetrates the partner with her legs contracted, making back and forth movements.

Explore other erogenous zones

Many parts of our body are not considered when it’s time to give and receive pleasure. By habit, we often end up following the same foreplay script and forgetting the countless areas with nerve endings sensitive to touch. For sex to get even better, we’ll talk about five erogenous zones that deserve special attention.


How about sliding your tongue down to the chin? Sucking and light nibbles are very enticing.


The nipples are very sensitive to the touch and can give a lot of pleasure, both for men and women. Licking over the areola, sucking and nibbling are the ideal moves to cause shivers all over their chest.


The testicles deserve special affection, which many women forget. The entire region of the scrotal sac and perineum is quite sensitive and most men love receiving kisses and licks down there.

Buttock folds

In both men and women, the folds of the buttocks offer a very pleasant sensation when explored with the tongue. This is a good time to dare to give a Greek kiss.

Inner thighs

Kisses, nibbles, and licks on the inner thighs are usually very pleasurable. Exploring this area increases the desire for oral sex.


If you need help trying out different positions then the Liberator Wedge might help in aiding with you maintaining your pleasure.It’s geometry for the G-spot. The perfect pair for plus-size couples. Spectacular sex is all about angles, and this duo tilts your hips just right (27 degrees), opening you up and lifting the belly for greater pleasure, better penetration and increased comfort. Plus you’ll have Wedge positions, Ramp positions and Wedge/Ramp positions to experiment with and explore until you find your favorite naughty nookie adventures.

The Sex Positions Calendar could also help you explore these different positions.

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