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How to Use Penis Pumps To Increase Your Size

As men, we’ve all been in a situation or two where we wish that our penis was just a teensy bit girthier or a tad bit longer. Penis pumps are a category of male sex toys which can vastly improve both you and your partner’s sexual experience. Whether you want to hit her G-spot just right or are looking to make the sexual experience better for yourself, there are many valid and fantastic reasons why a penis pump may be right for you. Not only can they help solve issues surrounding aesthetic desires, penile conditions, and insecurities, but they can help you prolong sexual intercourse sessions and increase your overall sexual satisfaction and performance. If this sounds good to you, read on to find out how to use a penis pump properly to increase your size, learn about the benefits you can expect from using one, and figure out which type and size may be right for you.

What Is a Penis Pump & How Does It Work?

Also known as a vacuum pump or erection device, penis pumps are a treatment device that men can use to help them achieve bigger, harder, and longer erections. It consists of several parts, the first being a plastic tube that is placed over the penis and is connected to either a manual or battery-operated pumping system. This creates a vacuum around the penis and helps it become erect. A constriction ring or band is placed onto the plastic cylinder at the other end and is used to help the individual maintain or keep the erection.   Here is a brief breakdown of the 4 different parts of a penis pump.

  1. The chamber or cylinder is what goes on top of your penis. For most pump types it is made out of plastic, but you can find it in glass as well. They are built to be sturdy so that they can withstand vacuum pressure and must be large enough to fit your size.  Some may come with a gauge to measure your size.
  2. The tube is used to transport the air from inside the cylinder to the quick release valve.  It is attached to a hand-pump or a battery-operated pump that creates suction and draws air from the chamber during the enlargement process.  You may not find a pump on electric penis pumps as these are often powered by rechargeable batteries.
  3. The constriction ring, also known as a penis band, retaining band or sleeve, is used to provide a tight grip on the base of the erect penis. Not only does this keep the cylinder airtight during pumping, but it also helps you maintain the erection for up to 30-minutes, after you take the chamber and pump off.
  4. The quick release valve allows the vacuum to be released.

It is important to familiarise yourself with the various parts of the penis pump so that you have a better idea of how the components work together when you go to use your own. Now that you are ready to start pumping, the only question remains is, how do you properly use one?

How to Properly Use a Penis Pump to Effectively Increase Your Size?

To effectively use a penis pump, you will want to follow the steps below while consulting the instructions that come with your particular pump type.


  1. Read the Included Instructions.  I know, it’s super easy to remove the product from the box and get right to it without reading the instruction material. But you are dealing with a product that is going to directly sit on your private parts, so you shouldn’t take any chances with it. Take precaution and just read the manual.


  1. Purchase/Find Your Lubricant. If you don’t already have some on hand, purchase some lubricant. You want to be able to gently and smoothly slide your semi-erect penis into the pump without injury to your head. Lubricant helps with this as it gets applied to the opening of the pump.


  1. Inspect Your Pump. If it is your first time using the pump out of the box, give it a good cleaning. Once clean, make sure that there are no nicks, cuts, or damage done to any parts of the penis pump.  If you are using a water/hydro pump, you will need to get it water or use it in your bath/get your bath ready.


  1. Time to Get It Ready. Depending on which penis pump and brand you are using, you will need either a flaccid penis, hard, or semi-erect penis to begin. In most cases, a semi-erect penis is the recommendation (read your manual!). So, get your little member ready and slip on into the cylinder.


  1. Creating Your Vacuum Seal.  If you aren’t already trimmed down there, you will need to remove some of your pubic hair so that the pump can sit completely flat against your pubic bone. Trim up and then create your seal. To do this, bring the cylinder down over your penis and press it firmly against the body to create an airtight seal between the two.


  1. Pay Attention to Your Quick Release Valve.  If your quick release valve is an open-concept, you will need to place your finger over the hole. If you have a penis pump that has a release valve with a switch, twist it shut.


  1. Time to Pump It Up.  If your penis pump is a manual one, you will want to pump very slowly to give your penis time to adjust to the changing temperature within the chamber. A manual penis pump will come with a “bulb” that you squeeze. Squeeze it once and wait a few seconds, up to a minute or so, and then slowly pump again. Keep pumping at a slow rate until you are fully erect. Resist the urge to go quickly, as too quick can harm you.


  1. Have a Timer Handy.  One of the things that isn’t mentioned very often is that you cannot pump indefinitely. Doing so can cause harm to your little man. If you are a beginner, only pump for a maximum of 15-minutes before stopping. This may mean that you will have to do a few sessions to get used to the pump. Time yourself with an alarm or stopwatch.


  1. Using the Quick Release Valve.  Once you are fully erect, the quick release valve will need to be used to relieve the vacuum. Either take your finger off the valve hole or pop the switch. Wait until the vacuum has fully been released and then slowly remove your penis.  At this point, you can keep the constriction ring on for about 30-minutes while you engage in sexual intercourse, as this will help you maintain the erection. Otherwise, you can remove it as well.


  1. Check Yourself.  Make sure that there isn’t any odd or weird discoloration. Also make sure that there is no pain. If there is any odd discoloration or pain, stop immediately and consult a doctor.

What Are the Benefits Of Using Penis Pumps?

Whilst different types of sex toys can provide different benefits, the benefits of penis pumps may also vary from individual to individual. You can expect benefits along the following lines.

1) They can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, achieve erections for sexual intercourse. A penis pump is also a lot less expensive than taking erectile dysfunction medication in the long term. Penis pumps do not come with the side effects that erectile dysfunction medication comes with.

2) They can help men achieve an increase in their penis size. Both short term and long term.

3) They are a non-invasive way to achieve an erection and increase your size without resorting to penile implants which require surgery.

4) They are an effective option for men who have had radiation therapy or prostate surgery.

5) It may help lead to more naturally occurring erections when used long-term.


What Are the Different Types of Pumps Available?

There are 3 types of pumps available:


  1. Air-based Penis Pumps.  Also known as a vacuum pump, these feature a cylinder, flexible tube, quick release valve, and a gauge. It creates a vacuum seal and when used properly, is effective at increasing size and is safe to use. You need both of your hands to use this kind of pump. A great example of an air-based pump is the PipeDream PUMP WORX – Beginners Power Penis Pump. This sex toy is a great place to start because it is cost effective and designed for the average sized male.


  1. Water-based Penis Pumps. Also known as hydro pumps, these sell really well because they have extra safety measures. They use water to create a vacuum, ensuring that the blood that gets brought into your shaft is more uniform in amount. You do not need both hands to operate and they do not need lubrication to use. One of the bestselling water-based ranges of penis pumps are the Bathmate products. These promote fast penis growth and more blood flow for stronger erections.


  1. Electric-based Penis Pumps.  These are a great alternative for men who are older, who may not have or want to spend the strength on the actual pumping portion of use. They use a motor to automatically pump, without any work needed on your end. They are often powered by rechargeable batteries or must be plugged in. They are really good for people who want to use the pumps in their bedrooms. They are very easy to use and give you a controlled amount of pressure to get the erection strength you want. They are on the more expensive side though. A great example of an electric pump is the Sleek Auto Vac Penis Pump.


When it comes to increasing your size, you want to be disciplined in using the penis pump correctly and in using it on a regular basis. Other than this, make sure that you choose a pump that is of high-quality, as it will help you achieve harder erections and be more durable. The more durable it is, the more use you will get out of it.

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