How To Turn A Stripper Fantasy Into A Reality

How To Turn A Stripper Fantasy Into A Reality

Having fun in the bedroom is not just about your satisfaction but your partner’s as well. One-way pleasure is no way to make things enjoyable.

Does your partner have a hidden kink or a sexual desire that they have thought about for a long time? Perhaps they fancy visiting the best strip club in town? Why don’t you give them this pleasure by recreating this behind closed doors? Put on that candy uniform or wear that sexy costume that completes your stripper or dominatrix look.

A new look for the foreplay stage never hurts. Show your lover that heaven is anywhere you are together and in the mood.

You can take it up a notch and explore new grounds in your sexual relationship by involving sex toys in your love making. It can be something that pleases one of you both, or it can be something that can satisfy your needs at the same time. Don’t forget to visit strip clubs together for some inspiration and ideas on how to be the stripper of their dreams.

Below is a guide on how your world will open up to a whole new level of sexual adventure by living out your lover’s stripper fantasy.

When to do it?
There is no specific time as to when you should strip for your lover. A random surprise is fairly ideal. Not only will your lover get caught off guard, the spontaneity of the action from you will also add excitement to the sexy time. Another option and the most common is to do it during special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions. Make those moments memorable by giving your partner the fantasy they have been imagining to experience. Just remember that any day can be a special day once you choose to make it as such.

How to do it?
Before you strip off every article of clothing you are wearing, you must first learn the art of stripping. Just because your lover dreams of strippers doesn’t mean the only thing that matters is to get rid of your clothes immediately.

Add the element of drama in your adventure. Set up the ambiance to get your partner in the right mood. Dim the lights, light up scented candles, or go the extra mile by actually decorating your bedroom to look like your mini stage. Playing sensual music is another way to set the mood of the room. To complete stripper roleplaying, give your lover a lap dance. When a pole is available, do some sensual pole dancing too. Anything to spice things up is game.

Furthermore, build up sexual anticipation as you undress button by button. Make them anticipate what they will see to the extent of them being at your mercy.

What to use?
Choose the right costume to wear. What kind of stripper do you want to look like? Would you want to wear a mask to go with your matching sexy lingerie? You need to have this planned above everything else. When you have chosen your outfit, you can proceed to pick out the sex toys for the night. There are different kinds of sex toys and paraphernalia that will immediately become your new best friends. A handcuff to keep your lover tied to their chair is one perfect option.

Pleasure playthings help smooth the way things go in both figurative and literal sense. What you choose, however, will depend on a range of factors, including the kind of play you want to create. Just make sure that you and your lover are comfortable with the toys you pick. Know ahead of time what your lover is looking forward to using and which ones are a big no for them. Throw a surprise or two along the way.

Sexy time is more pleasurable when both you and your lover are fully satisfied. It’s time to break out from your shell and explore things that may be new to you. Live up to the fantasies of your lover and have the time of your life reaching the pinnacles of pleasure time and time again.

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