How to Take Care of Your Sexual Health

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What is Sexual Health?

We’re not inventing the term by the way, mind you! So what does sexual health really mean? WHO defines it as, “A state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.” It’s an all-encompassing state of wellness that has something to do with a person’s sexuality and preferences.

While the concept sounds pretty straightforward, it’s not as simple as it sounds. Maybe that’s why it’s a topic that no one treads on lightly. The definition pretty much says everything – it’s not just a tangible measure of one’s physical or mental wellness related to sex, rather it also tackles how we perceive it. That includes consent, respect, safe sex practices, and much more. It’s just one part of a person’s overall health, but it’s a complicated one at that!

Why is Sexual Health Important?

Given it’s multifaceted nature, why is it essential for a person to take care of his/ her sexual health? There are many reasons why, but let’s look at the most compelling ones.

It’s an Integral Part of Your Overall Health

A person’s overall wellness is interconnected with each other, and that means your sexual health plays an important role as well. Try to think of it this way. When a man has high cholesterol levels, which signals poor physical health, it can have negative sexual health effects such as impotence. And it could go the other way around. We’ve discussed before that a healthy sex life could trigger happy feelings, which then has positive physical, mental, and emotional manifestations. So you see how these aspects of health play together.

You Become More Confident About Your Sexuality

When you’re on top of your sexual health, you become more confident about who you are. Stereotypes do not bother you, and that shows with how you love yourself. For example, you don’t care if people think you’re too liberated, because you know what you’re doing. You care for your sexual health, so you’re not doing anything reckless. You enjoy every pleasure while being safe. Confidence in your sexuality is sexiness in itself!

You’re Able to Make Informed Decisions

Earlier we mentioned that sexual health also has something to do with consent, and that goes within this plane. When you know what you’re getting into when having sex, you are able to give your go signal to what you like. Are you into BDSM? Are you truly ready to have sex with your partner? How far are you willing to go? Are you prepared for a possible pregnancy or you want to hold off the idea for now? Those are things you’ll be able to decide on when you put sexual health as an important part of who you are.

Tips in Taking Care of Your Own Sexual Health

So now that we know why taking care of your sexual health should be part of your to-do list, how do you do it? We summarised everything in three simple yet achievable ways.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

It may sound cliché, but it’s the absolute truth. Living a healthy lifestyle does wonders to you. From watching what you eat and drink to ensuring you have enough exercise, it boosts your sexual health and overall satisfaction of the sexual experience. Come on, if you were sick or were short of breath because you smoke incessantly, would you be able to enjoy sex and satisfy your partner, too? Of course not!

Communication is Key

Sexual health has something to do with enjoying the moment without any trace of violence or coercion. So in order to do that, proper communication needs to be established. Let your partner know what you enjoy and what you feel you’re not prepared for. When you have set the right expectations and created an open line for discussion, both you and your partner get the most out of the sexual experience.

Have a Routine Check Up

Of course, if you have an annual physical examination to address your physical health, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go through a sexual health check. What happens is that a health professional give you a thorough check up for any possible sexually transmitted infection (STI), especially when your sexually active. Furthermore, this is the time that you’re able to ask questions about your sexual health. When you’re well informed, then you remain on top of what’s happening to you, which is a good thing!

You only have one body, so it is your responsibility to take care of it. With these tips that we’ve shared, we’re confident that taking care of your sexual health will be enjoyable and pleasurable for you.

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