When it comes to erogenous zones, it seems as though the sky’s the limit! A light kiss on the earlobe, a careful glide of the fingers over one’s inner wrist, or even a tickle or massage behind the knees are all innovative ways to increase feelings of intimacy and arousal.


But have you ever heard of the A-spot? This pleasure point can be found deep inside the vagina, between the cervix and the bladder. Technically, it’s called the “anterior fornix erogenous zone”, but “A-spot” just rolls off the tongue much easier, wouldn’t you agree?


A valid question, indeed! The G-spot and the A-spot are actually said to be incredibly close to one another.


The G-spot can be found, on average, around one to two inches inside the vaginal opening on the upper vaginal wall. During arousal, this spot swells and becomes more sensitive, making it easier to reach and to stimulate. With a joyful “come hither” motion, the G-spot can be stimulated and enjoyed!


The A-spot can be found, on average, around two inches or more higher than the G-spot. It’s often called the “female prostate” because it’s in the same position as the prostate (the P-spot) in cisgender males.


If you’re well-versed in stimulating the G-spot, one may believe that it shouldn’t be too difficult to stimulate the A-spot. Alas, many women still find it difficult to reach, (even though part of the technique is the same: a “come hither” motion inside the vagina).


You’re going to want to play until the G-spot is found (a walnut-sized gland that feels slightly spongy). Once found, go deeper and move your finger in a motion similar to that of a windshield wiper instead of going in and out. You’ll know when you’re doing it correctly, as you’ll feel more pressure and sensitivity. You’ll aso know you’re doing it correctly, because stimulating this spot causes an increase in natural lubrication (i.e. you will become more wet).


Why do some women have trouble finding the A-spot? Well, it doesn’t feel very different from the rest of the vaginal canal, which could make it difficult for some to realise that they’ve hit this spot. One tip would be to apply a bit more pressure to see if the area feels a bit softer or spongier.


If you’re having trouble reaching this pleasure spot due to small fingers or discomfort, you could always use a gently curved sex toy, the longer in length the better, to get there.

We suggest these three sex toys to stimulate the A-spot:

Body and Soul Adore Female G-Spot Vibrator7 Function Classic Chic G Spot Vibe 4Je Joue G-Spot Bullet Vibrator

Additionally, some people may not feel a huge difference between having their G-spot and then their A-spot stimulated, so don’t be despondent if you don’t feel a huge difference in pleasure, it’s normal.


Climaxing from A-spot stimulation is not very common because of the fact that deep penetration is needed in order to stimulate it (and most women agree that they’re unable to orgasm by penetration alone). But when climax is reached, it’s usually longer and much more intense than G-spot orgasms.


Again, not everyone can achieve (or feel) the sensation of an A-spot orgasm. It does require a bit of patience and an open mind. Trying different positions and sex toys while being persistent may just lead you to this magical spot. But, if you don’t get there, no need to worry, it’s normal. And hey, you probably had a ton of fun going on an A-spot scavenger hunt anyway, right?

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