How To Rediscover Your Sexuality After A Breakup

How To Rediscover Your Sexuality After A Breakup

Everything changes after a breakup: plans for the future, your daily schedule, and even your sleeping position. A serious breakup can even distort your sense of self and lead to losing the desire to date anyone new. But you should understand that these feelings of disappointment and loneliness will go away at some point.

Only you can make a decision to move on. Indeed, it might be scary to start dating again and open-up to someone else. Moreover, it is perfectly fine to have sexual insecurity after a breakup.

You can live without sex and sexual desire. But your bedroom shouldn’t be a midfield where you feel insecure and vulnerable. You are a grown-up woman who deserves to have a satisfying sex life. Going back to the game can benefit your physical and mental health.

Rediscovering sexuality after a serious breakup can take some time. Here is how you can start enjoying yourself and boost your libido.


At the moment, you have all the time in the world. Use this opportunity to improve yourself and even fall in love with yourself.

Being satisfied with yourself is sexier and more attractive than being miserable. The happier you are, the more confident and approachable you are. Once you stop feeling like a victim of circumstance and start enjoying your new status, you will be able to lead a fulfilling life and attract emotionally healthy men.

Start spending more time with your friends, consider going on a trip with them and getting some hens party packages.

Work on improving your physical appearance. You should do it for yourself in the first place. It will help you to get rid of fears, boost self-confidence and improve your sex drive (as an outcome).

First of all, ask yourself what you want to improve. Maybe you want to lose some weight or get a new hairstyle? Besides the list of things you want to work on, write down things you love in your appearance and don’t be so hard on yourself.

Secondly, make a realistic action plan once you have a clear sense of your goals.

Also, focus on your mental health. If you can’t get over your ex, consider scheduling a therapy session.

Being sexual is not about having sex. It’s all about confidence, harmony and love to life. So if you want to rediscover your sexuality, to be able to love and let yourself be loved, make sure to take these steps listed above.


You should love your body the way it is. Why do you want to spend your life hiding from other people and hating yourself?

Most women don’t look like Kendall Jenner or Irina Shayk. These body shapes are presented in the underwear ad campaigns, but it doesn’t mean that they are perfect and that you should feel miserable if yours looks a bit different.

Take off your clothes and look at yourself in the mirror. There might be something to work on, but before you start writing a list of things you want to change in yourself, say it out loud: I’M BEAUTIFUL.

Walk around naked more often in order to get used to your body image. Then next time you have a man in your bedroom, you will feel more comfortable with the lights on. Once again: confidence is one of the biggest turn-ons.


The fact that you are not dating anyone at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t have orgasms. To have good sex, you don’t even need to look for guys in bars in the middle of the night. You should start with solo play. That’s how you can discover your body and get some satisfaction without getting emotionally involved with someone.

Let’s be honest, the one-night stand will not always work as perfectly as self-pleasure.

Masturbation can help women to release built-up sexual tension, relieve stress, improve sleep and their mood.

The most important thing is that masturbation also helps to increase women’s libido since it leads to better sexual response and more sexual thoughts in general.

For a start, you should know that there are more than just clitoral and vaginal types of masturbation. You can also have the anal, combo and erogenous zones orgasms by using different masturbation techniques.

To get started, you should set the mood and let your mind wander first. Then, add some lube to explore your erogenous zones. Consider reading an erotic novel or watching pornography to turn up the heat in your bedroom.

Masturbation will not always lead to an intense orgasm in the very beginning. Practice an art of self-pleasure in order to explore your body and sexual desires.


To open up sexually with a new partner, you should be aware of your boundaries and desires. Having sex with someone new should excite you (instead of freaking you out). Let your partner know what you expect in bed. Talking about your sexual fantasies is a healthy approach that can help you and your partner get in the mood for sex. For some people, speaking openly about sex can also be a bonding experience.


Rediscovering your sexuality after a serious break up might take some time. You are the one who should make the decision to move on. To enjoy your singleness and boost self-confidence, work on your mental health and physical appearance. To let someone else love and please you, you should fall in love with yourself first.

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