How To Pick Your First Sex Toy

How To Pick Your First Sex Toy

Selecting a product that’s right for you

When it comes to the fundamental question “What should I buy?”, we always say is that it comes down to your own personal preference. What you get up to behind closed doors, either alone or with a consensual partner, can be anything and everything you want it to be. Remember, one person’s deepest desires and fantasies, might not even raise the eyebrow of another.

So we encourage you to be brave, and browse through the products we have available – even if it’s not a category you’d previously considered. If a product on our website piques your interest after reading all about it (and perhaps a customer review or two), then it just might be right for you! Exploring sexuality and satisfying cravings isn’t about what other people think or do or say or want – it’s all about you and your body. Respect it, explore it, LOVE IT.

Size does matter

OK, let me get this straight… I’m certainly not saying the bigger is better when it comes to receiving pleasure, but choosing the right size product that you’re comfortable with, and that suits your body – now that’s important.

Only you can make a judgment call on if a toy is suitable for you and your body – especially when it comes to sizing. No two bodies are exactly alike, so always be sure to grab a measuring tape or ruler to get a good idea of the girths and insertable lengths on our products. We are very diligent in providing the important measurements for all of our insertable products. It’s not a competition and you should never make demands of your genitalia to keep up with stereotypes or what you see in adult videos. Just remember that misuse or oversized toys can lead to injury, so start conservatively.

We try to provide measurements in both inches and centimetres wherever possible (1 Inch = 2.5cm), but if you need one or the other; don’t forget that Google can convert units – just search for “3 inches in cm” and it’ll do the hard work for you.

If in doubt, and particularly if you’re new to the world of sex toys, we recommend that you start small and go from there. Even if you quickly replace them with something larger, they still may come in handy for travel or other areas of the body.

Materials and Lubricants

Our products are made from a range of materials and each one offers their own quirks, benefits and sensitivities. Choosing a material that’s right for you depends on what sensations affect you most positively and how much work may be required when cleaning your toy afterwards. You should always use lube with adult toys which are inserted, or rub against your skin, and all toys should be cleaned properly before and after use. Some materials make life easier than others as explained below.

Hard Plastics

Plastics are great for vibrators as they transfer lots of the vibrations to your body. They’re easy to care for because they are non-porous and can withstand harsh cleaners. Generally targeted at vaginal use because most basic vibrators don’t flare enough at the base to be safely used in the anus. A cost-effective place to start for most women who just want the basics.

Lubricants: Water, Oil & Silicone-based lubes are all fine for plastic toys.

Glass/Pyrex & Metal

These materials offer incredible vibration transfer and super-easy clean-up. They can also offer wonderful sensations when cooled (never frozen), or heated (remember, they will transfer heat efficiently – so be careful!). They are typically larger in size and their rigid structure and wild shapes can be welcome for those of us who enjoy deeper penetrations or reaching special spots inside our bodies. Experienced users will surely have at least one glass or metal toy!

Lubricants: Water, Oil & Silicone-based lubes are all fine for glass, acrylic and metal toys.

Jelly Rubber & Latex

Jelly toys are a more cost effective option when flexibility and softness are required, but they do degrade over time. Depending on use, they can break down in months, but typically last for years. Jelly toys are very wobbly and soft, making them a great option for novices to both vaginal and anal toys. If you’re new to the world of sex toys, consider starting here, but be warned that cleaning jelly toys is a little more involved than some other materials, and regular prolonged use will shorten its life span.

Lubricants: Silicone & Water-based are safe options here. Don’t use Oil-based products with rubber or latex.


Silicone comes in a range of types, but the most popular one for adult toys is medical-grade non-porous silicone. This leads most silicone toys on the market to be firm but flexible, whilst offering very easy clean-up. Silicone toys come in all shapes and sizes for men and woman, front and back. They’re long-lasting, colourful, wild, realistic, fantastic, and all things in between. Definitely a good investment – these toys stand up to the test of time; they’re always there when you need them!

Lubricants: Water-based lubricants only. Silicone lubricants will damage silicone toys permanently!


Brand-name realistic materials such as Cyberskin are specifically designed to feel like real flesh (some even have firm cores and complex contouring to simulate anatomy in every way!). They warm up to body temperature quickly, feel like skin and typically move about in a very convincing way. The drawbacks to this realism can be a distinctive smell to the product and a more involved cleaning process, but many people agree that it’s a small price to pay for such realism.

Regular toy users will appreciate the level of quality and craftsmanship which goes behind these premium products. Targeted at men and women alike, you’re sure to find a product that will amaze you.

Lubricants: Once again, water-based is the only option with these proprietary materials. Silicone & Oil based products can both cause irreparable damage.


Batteries and casings, along with any wiring, should be checked regularly or before every use just to make sure there is no corrosion or risk of electric shock.

Always replace batteries together as a set; don’t mix old and new batteries as this can promote rapid discharging of your new batteries and even accelerate battery corrosion. Any modification to the batteries or power source of a product is not recommended as it can lead to injury, and will void the product warranty.

Important: When storing battery operated products, or if there are long periods between use, always remove the batteries completely to prevent leaking, which may irreparably damage your product.

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