How to Make Playing Board Games Sexier

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Board-game night is always an opportunity to have good, clean fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dirty it up just a little. For an evening in with your partner raise the stakes a little and try these tips to sex up board-game night.

Play the “strip” version. Duh. Strip poker is the quintessential sexy game, and you don’t need me to tell you about it. But you definitely go beyond that if you aren’t so great at maintaining a poker face, especially when naked. Think other variations like: Special Edition Poker For Lovers. Ever wanted to be massaged, fondled, licked and then you have selected the right sexual game!

Or, just play naked. Skip the layers and get right to the point. It’s uncertain how long the game will last this way, but who even cares?

Make sexy stakes. First person to reach a certain amount of points gets a massage. Every time you score a point, the other person has to give you a kiss. The winner gets whatever they want in bed that night. And so on…

Play an actual dirty game. There are a surprising amount of choices out there.  The Bedroom Game and Climaxxx Board Game are two examples to try, but seriously, check out our store and about a zillion come up.

Or, invent a dirty version of a regular game. Scrabble with only sexy words, Pictionary with only adult pictures, Charades with actions you’d be embarrassed to play out in front of your mom. You get it; make your own rules.

Get chatty. On the other hand, a good round of “Would You Rather?” with X-rated questions or even an old-fashioned session of Truth or Dare could lead to all kinds of fun places.

Do you ever play adult versions of board games? Would you?

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