How To Introduce Your Weird Fetish Into A Relationship

How To Introduce Your Weird Fetish Into A Relationship

A lot of people have personal kinks and fantasies. According to one academic study, nearly 58% (1.040 adults were interviewed) claimed to have unusual fetishes. 30% of participants reported acting out their sexual fantasies at least once.

Fetishists usually hide their preferences in bed because they are afraid of being rejected in society. However, sex therapists state that most sexual desires are natural; people just need to know how to introduce their fetishes into a relationship in order to enjoy the process on maximum. According to them:

Hiding fetishes can impact your relationship, not in a good way.

If you don’t know how to tell your partner about your fantasies or how to respond, here you can find the answers to all your questions.

How to introduce your weird fetish into a relationship


Sex therapists don’t agree on the causes. According to Kenneth Rosenberg, a psychiatry professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, a fetish can come from seeing sexual behavior during childhood. However, it is only one of the theories. At this point, there is no scientific research that can explain the mechanism for fetish formation. Although there is a chance, you’ve got your fetish because of an adult movie you have watched as a kid.

Sex experts compare fetishes to food preferences – tastes differ. Some people prefer having sex with realistic sex dolls; others are aroused by tickling their lovers or have a foot fetish.

There is only one question: How do you define a ‘weird fetish’?

Even though fetish isn’t a mental disorder, in some cases, it can lead to distress. When you are doing something unusual that you and your partner both enjoy, there is no problem. However, some people are obsessed with their sexual fantasies and aren’t capable of having long-term relationships.


If you have a fetish and you can call it a certain name, most probably, you are not the only one. Find online communities or forums to ask other people about the experience of revealing the fetish to their partners.

You can introduce your fetish to someone you are dating at the moment but take it slowly. At first, you need to learn about the sexual fantasies of your significant other. After that, you can say what you are dreaming about. If you are nervous, use a playful tone to see your partner’s reaction first. Describe your fantasy and explain to your partner why this fetish turns you on.

In some cases, you can skip the talk and introduce it during sexual intercourse. However, you can’t do anything without your partner’s approval, so once again take it slowly and wait for the reaction. Stop in case your partner doesn’t seem to like it since you shouldn’t force someone to do things they are not ready for.

If your partner wants to try your specialty but doesn’t feel comfortable to do it in the nearest future, don’t rush it. Quite possibly, your loved one just needs time to build trust and open up.


It is essential to know how you can respond when your partner tells you about their unusual sexual fantasies.

First of all, don’t mock them or get angry if your significant other fantasies about something you consider inappropriate. It is better if you have open communication, trust, and understanding. If your partner says something you don’t feel like doing, ask more about it in order to get the full picture. Maybe you can find compromises, or you can add a couple of your rules into this game. That’s how the relationship works: you should care about your satisfaction, but you shouldn’t forget about giving pleasure to your partner. One night you can try what your partner suggests, another night your significant other can concentrate on giving pleasure to you.

If your partner has a fetish that you find disgusting (we are all people), try to find words that will not offend your lover. Be honest and explain why you don’t like the fetish or tell them that you need more time to consider this possibility. You shouldn’t do something that hurts or offends you.


Fetish is a matter of taste. However, some sexual preferences are difficult to understand. If you think that your fetish is weird, check the list below:


People with this fetish are the big fans of the last scene of The Shining movie. Psychrophiles are aroused by watching their lovers freeze to death.


It is an abnormal sexual fantasy characterised by the desire to eat another person or get eaten by someone. Psychologists say that there is a difference between cannibalism and vorarephilia. However, both are not accepted in society.

Diaper bondage

People with diaper bondage fetish like wearing diapers and act like babies. It involves roleplay in which adults want their lovers to feed them and change diapers. It gives them a feeling of security and an opportunity to relinquish the responsibilities of their adult lives. This fetish is also known as psychosexual infantilism or adult baby syndrome.

My little pony

Some adults are big fans of the cartoon program called ‘My Little Pony.’ In fact, they fetishize it, roleplay some scenes based on the show and watch porn videos related to the series.


People with this fetish are sexually attracted to trees. For them, trees are phallic symbols. Some fetishists like masturbating next to trees or imitate sexual contact with them.

As you can understand, your fetish might not be that weird. So, learn how to accept it and understand why it turns you on.

Also, you can find people who share the same fetish and ask them questions you are interested in. You will be able to find at least one person who would like to make your fantasies come true.

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