How To Introduce Sex Toys Into Your Relationship

How To Introduce Sex Toys Into A Relationship

Not everyone can achieve the climax they desire from intercourse alone and may require a little more help to get there.  This is where adding sex toys into your sex life can help you achieve that incredible O.

You may be using them solo at the moment and want to introduce the fun into the bedroom with your partner or you both could be new to using sex toys and you are not sure how to approach the subject.

This can be a very sensitive topic for some people with their partner’s. So many things go through your mind when you know you want to approach this subject.

  • Is it going to offend your partner by wanting to use sex toys whilst you are being intimate?
  • Does your partner have a real dislike for sex toys?
  • Are you going to be happy with not introducing them if they don’t want to?

The first step is communication and honesty in your relationship.  Be as open as you possible can.  If you are unsure of what the reaction is going to be a good way to start is reassuring your partner how much you care about them and how much they turn you on and fulfill your needs in the bedroom.  Reassure them how much fun sex is with them and that you only want to add a different kind of fun by introducing and experimenting with toys.

Once you have spoken about it the next step is to decide on what toy you should introduce into the bedroom first.  If your partner is excited and happy to include toys or if they are a little reluctant you should start slow.  If you bring something that is bigger than your partner or if it’s an item that is best used alone your partner may feel a little unsure about it.

A great place to start is watching each other masturbate.  Just watching and being watched can be such a turn on.  If you already have a favourite toy and your feeling comfortable you could use it on yourself or ask your partner to tease you with it during foreplay and your pleasure is now in their hands and this can release some powerful endorphins for you both and increase the bedroom heat.

If you don’t have any toys yet, another great step is to shop together.  And what better way to do so than online in the comfort of your own home.  You both can discuss the things that you would like to try and I bet the excitement will make you both a little horny picking your shopping list thinking about all the pleasures you will be giving each other.  You can look at reviews of products that you may be interested in to help you decide on what is right for you.  This can also set the guidelines if any of what you both do and don’t want to do.

Once you both see how much added pleasure that toys can bring how could either of you resist. And with so many different toys available now you will never be short on adding something different when the time is right.

You both have to feel comfortable and relaxed when including toys in your playtime fun, but it can bring so much passion and pleasure into the boudoir.  Introducing sex toys is a new level of intimacy to share with each other, you can explore each others bodies and minds and find each others inner desires and fantasies and it can bring you closer together.

But if your partner is completely against the idea, don’t push it.  You may feel a little disappointed but don’t despair.  You can include other things like massage, erotic games or role play into your relationship.  And after awhile you could try and bring the subject up again and you never know they might be a little more interested in the idea by then. Or you can buy a toy that is just for them and allow them to experiment and become comfortable with it on their own and eventually let you join in.

Explore and enjoy each other.  Have fun…

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