How to Have a Better Orgasm With Vibrators

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It’s almost too easy for masturbation or sex to become a routine without much thought being given, even with a vibrator. You always know where to touch yourself and for how long. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of comforting ritual of pleasure. But if you want sexual pleasure that’s unlike anything you’ve experienced in the past, with your favorite vibrator, it may be time to try something new.

Fantasize More

Fantasy can play a big role in turning up sexual pleasure for many people. Think about who else might be in the bed with you (yes, even if your partner is already with you). Imagine what a hand, tongue, or other body part might feel. Your vibrator stops being a tool and can become the star. How your vibrator and orgasm figure into your fantasies is up to you but the right fantasy in your head can intensify the entire experience.

Watch Porn or Read Erotica

If  sexual fantasizing seems a bit too difficult, you’re not alone. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine what might happen, and we need a bit of outside help. This is where porn or erotica (depending on your preferences) can help. Instead of using your vibrator in a utilitarian way (you want an orgasm, you apply the vibrator, you get off), let your mind and body become aroused before you grab your favorite vibe. Even better, you can use it while you read or watch so that as your arousal builds from what you see and hear, your vibrator will add sensation to get you off in the way that you love. It often turns into a much more intense orgasm.

Try a New Setting

If you want a different outcome, you need a different path forward. So instead of your typical straight, buzzing, high-powered vibration (or whatever you prefer), try a pattern or decrease the setting on your vibrator. Experiment with sensations to find something pleasing that doesn’t get you off in the exact same way. Your orgasm may build more slowly, but it might be something that curls your toes, makes you scream, and gets you off in an entirely new way. The key with a setting change is to be patient with your body and give yourself a few minutes before you reject one stimulation over another (unless you know you hate it, then move on as soon as possible.)



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