How to Create Your Own Couples Sex Games

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Remember when you were a kid and all you thought about playing games and coming up with your own versions of the popular game.  Remember the great feeling of pleasure those games gave you and the life long childhood friends you developed playing with your friends, classmates, and the neighborhood kids?

Couples Sex Games, much in the same way it did with your childhood friends, has a great effect of bringing couples together, it allows for open communication, shared fantasies, and lessen those little voices inside our minds that prohibits us from expressing our deepest desires.  There are many great couples sex games available online to explore that hidden parts of desires.  Browse our collection Must Have Sex Games For Couples.  Here are some of our favorite go to sex games

But just like when you were a kid,  part of the FUN, is also creating your own personalized sex games to play.  it doesn’t take much of an imagination to create couples sex games, but  ff you’re short for ideas for sex games for couples, we would love to offer up three ideas to explore.

  • Write down on piece of paper the brief details of a sexual fantasy or erotic situation that turns you on. Then  act out what is written and you partner has to try to guess what it is. When they have guessed correctly, swap turns.
  • Write a few different sexual activities on separate pieces of paper. Then take turns drawing them out of a hat – and acting them out!
  • When sitting in a restaurant or bar, observe some of the other people around you. Talk together about what you can imagine doing to or with that person (it may even be another couple). Really build up your fantasy (although don’t talk too loudly!)

Try these and let us know what you think, certainly try to be playful and creative as much as possible in your lovemaking. As we said, being playful was something we all were as children and it is a shame that it is something which adults have lost to a large degree. Sex doesn’t always need to be serious! Add a few games to your sex life and it will do a lot of good for your relationship in general.  Create couples sex games that is just for the two of you. Have Fun!

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