How To Clean Your Sex Toy


Cleaning your toys before AND after use is essential. It prolongs the life of your toys, prevents health problems and gives you a great opportunity to check them for wear and tear. Each material has its own set of care instructions, and cleaning is a vital part of that care process. If your toy doesn’t include specific rules on how to clean it, follow the basic guides below or optionally use a condom (or do both!)

Just remember; rinse all cleaned toys with fresh water before insertion to prevent any cleaning chemicals from coming into contact with sensitive areas, and always be careful about temperatures if you’re using dishwasher or boiling methods. We can’t help you if you burn yourself on a boiled-clean metal toy – ouch!Remember to take extra care with battery operated toys when washing. Always remove batteries before cleaning and storage.


The best thing about your basic plastic vibrators and accessories is that you can wipe them down with anti-bacterial pre-moistened towelettes then give them a rinse and pat them dry. So easy!

Another simple way is a hand wash in warm or hot water (not boiling) with anti-bacterial soap. Rinse in clean water then dry with a lint-free cloth.

Pyrex Glass & Metal

Non-battery operated models can go in the dishwasher’s top shelf (Caution! Toys cleaned in a dishwasher will come out extremely hot!) and all of them can benefit from hand washing in warm to hot water with anti-bacterial soap if you can’t wait long enough for a cycle to finish.

Boiling for 10 minutes is also an option on Pyrex Glass toys.

Jelly Rubber & Latex

Most (if not all) ‘jelly’ type materials are porous, so you can’t properly sanitize them (you can’t boil them or put them in the dishwasher or use any harsh cleaning agents!).

Because of this, cleaning is limited to hand washing in warm or hot water with soap. Always allow adequate drying time and/or use a lint-free cloth.

Alternatively, you can prevent a lot of bacteria from touching your jelly toys by applying a condom and being conservative with the insertable length.


Non-battery operated toys can go in the top rack of your dishwasher, or you can hand wash with anti-bacterial soap and hot water, or even use sanitizing moist towelettes (remember to rinse thoroughly in clear water before using them!)

Boiling for 10 minutes is also possible on many unpowered silicone toys – check the product packaging or user guide to make sure.


Each brand name of realistic material toys has their own care instructions. If your toy didn’t come with any, check the brand name of the website.

Cleaning these products is generally performed with warm soapy water, patting dry and finishing off with a dusting of the renewing powder or plain cornstarch before storage. Some products specifically prohibit the use of soaps, so please check first.

To make things easier, use a condom whenever you don’t want a fiddly clean-up – then it’s just a rinse, dry and powder cycle.

Never use talcum or baby powder on these toys. Cornflour or Cornstarch from the baking goods section at your supermarket is the right substitute to use.

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