So many things cause couples to drift apart, am I right? The stress of jobs, time-consuming activities with kids, or maybe you just get out of the habit. Whatever has caused you and your partner’s relationship to cool down, we have three ways to heat it back up!


If it’s been a while since you and your partner were intimate, then it’s best to start out slowly. A great way to reconnect is through massage. There’s nothing like the deep, relaxing touch of someone you care about, and when you use a warming massage oil and personal lubricant, things are bound to escalate!

Make sure to set the mood with candles and soft music. Take turns working the massage oil into each other’s backs, arms, shoulders, and legs. After an hour or so, you’ll feel so relaxed and connected to your partner that you’ll be ready to take it a step further. The warming massage oil and personal lubricant will help you transition from ‘Om’ to ‘Oh God!’

This is a perfect way to bring the spark back into your relationship, especially if you haven’t explored the world of sex toys or have taken a long break from sex, such as post-pregnancy. You’ll be ready to take your sex life to the next level in no time!


Men are visual creatures. There’s nothing that turns them on quite like the sight of you with your goods on display in a piece of sexy lingerie. But here’s a treat you both can enjoy…vibrating lingerie. That’s right—this little black number will get you both hot and bothered! The gorgeous black panties are packing a dirty little secret in the form of a powerful vibrator. It’s controlled by a handheld remote, which gets your partner in on the action.

This vibrating lingerie is sure to add a little sizzle to your relationship—and bonus points if you dare to wear this in public! Can you imagine how hot you both will be for each other after sitting through a casual dinner in a restaurant where he’s literally controlling the vibrator in your knickers? You’ll definitely be asking for the check and racing home for dessert.


This powerful little toy is perfect for experienced vibrator users or a couple that’s looking to bring extra spice back into their relationship. Wet Dreams is just the thing to get you both jumping each other’s bones like you’re teenaged lovebirds again! In addition to the vibrating sensation, this cock ring has a hanging pleasure ball that adds stimulation for both parties.

This cock ring is waterproof and takes regular batteries, which you better stock up on—I know you will get hooked on this powerful little sucker! It makes ordinary sex great, and good sex downright mind-blowing. Don’t be fooled by its tiny size, the Bong-O vibrating cock ring will have a huge positive impact on your relationship.

Sometimes it’s hard to muster up lusty feelings when you’re surrounded by thoughts of bills and ballet practices, but these toys are just the things to introduce into your relationship to help you break out of your sexual rut and into a sexy sweat! Sex and intimacy are powerful bonds that make for happy relationships. Check out these hot little toys and see how good they will make you feel…both physically and emotionally.

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