How simple sex games can change your love life

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It is the understatement of the century to say relationships are hard. Almost always start off red fire hot – filled with intoxicating passion and excitement but over time family, work, kids happen and begin to dull things and before you know it things are on ice. One day you wake up and realize that you aren’t having sex twice a day and trice on Sundays anymore – in fact, you aren’t doing it twice a week more like once a week if you are lucky, this happens to the best of us and once the rut sets in it hard to brake out of the circle of misery and sexual deprivation. The love isn’t gone but the lust has packed up and wished us farewell, adios, ciao…….fill in a departing pleasantry

Ways to Tease Your loverIT can be a deadly feeling when you realize your sex life had evaporated to occasional quickies and our relationship was starting to show serious signs of sucking. We loved each other but we were in real trouble and we both knew it.

And one marvelous night as we were getting ready to pull the usual boring nightly routine, my partner busted out a bottle of wine and game of naughty Truth or Dare questions. I went straight for the wine but had zero interest in playing sex games. But, he persisted and started to play with assistant of some liquid courage. Now i am not going to lie… I (I am sure it was the case for him too) was apprehensive and awkward at first but we slowly relaxed and opened up and before we knew it the fire was burning…and we were both naked and having a time of our lives. It was the first hot night since those first weeks of our relationship and we wanted more.  We wanted to recapture those amazing feels even for a few hour of immeasurable pleasure.

We longed to create new and exciting sexual moments, in our quest we discovered a game called Full Disclosure that mixed fun questions with dares and stripping. What a Thrill! We laughed for hours culminating in an amazing night of sex.  Our night of pleasure quickly gave way to days of wanting anticipations.  We talked about what games we will try nice, knowing smiles were exchanged when in other people company, brain storming the next adventure.  I found myself thinking and planning our nights throughout the day.  Before we knew it.. we were lovers again and it felt intoxicating. Once we broke down the barriers our lives  and found an outlet to our daily life stresses, we changed forever. The games kept coming – Intimate Dares, Orgasmixx and Private Pleasures followed and our relationship evolved in ways that we could never have imagined.

Today, we still experience the rut, but are far in between.  We have learned to remedy the vicious circle of disconnection and its in no small part to our discovery of sensual games.  These simple sex games have allowed to to be open to try new things and share our fantasies.  We have FUN with each other in the bedroom. We laugh. We love. We lust.

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