How Sex Furniture Can Improve Your Sex Life

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Ask anybody you know to try a little exercise involving sex. No no, not actual sexual exercise (though that is a good thing too), this one is a mental exercise. Ask that person to envision an average sexual encounter in their mind. Not a fantasy—depending on the person you might really want to avoid wading into that!—just an average, Wednesday night with a lover. And then ask them to describe that scene. I guarantee there will be one common element that everybody you ask will report: a bed.

Beds and sex are intrinsically tied together. Even when we think about tying each other up, a bed is usually involved. There are many reasons, good reasons, for this. Beds are often big enough to accommodate different positions and flavours of sex. Beds are nice and soft on the knees, a part of the anatomy that can really take a pounding of a different sort. You go to bed at night, the most common time for sex. The most likely reason is that beds are the best place for missionary position, the long-time acceptable sex position for loving opposite gender folks who should only be fucking to make babies, in the dark of course!

So many options of sex furniture

The thing is, you can have sex on anything! Chairs, sofas, counters, coffee tables—whatever and wherever you fancy a romp. But, many of these, depending on the style, aren’t particularly comfortable. They are great for novelty sake, but the bed will always be the go-to.

Unless you are curious enough to take a chance on specially designed sex furniture.

Sex furniture takes industrial design to a whole new level. These are not just pieces that take you out of bed to fuck on something else. Sex furniture is specifically designed to ensure comfort, provide more access and most of the time, to appeal to our visual and tactile senses.

One of the most exciting types of sex furniture is the sex swing. Attached by an anchor in the ceiling, sex swings offer full access to your partner, 360 degrees around their whole body. Sex swings are amazing for trying new positions and exploring different body parts in a weightless suspension.


BDSM possibilities with sex furniture

Another type of sexy furniture, often associated with the BDSM scene are benches. Most sex benches come equipped with rings attached to appeal to the bondage crowd. They also feature a nice, padded top surface upon which you or your partner can lie comfortably on your back, belly, side and then have delightful things done to you.

A very simple type of sex furniture is a wedge. Quite simple, wedges are pieces of firm-but-comfortable pieces of foam covered in a soft material that people can use to change angles and adjust positioning during sex. A common use of wedges is sliding one under your partner’s ass while in missionary to elevate their hips for a more advantageous angle.

There are many different types of sex furniture out there, but you may have noticed a common theme: all of these examples of sex furniture (and most others) offer two significant traits: comfort and accessibility. These features make sex furniture great additions for folks who have disabilities and have accessibility and comfort concerns during sex.

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